Monday, July 29, 2013

Baby Jack Blankets Back to School Buyer's Guide

With the new school year approaching and the many supply lists circulating, we thought we would take a moment to mention a few of our favorite mom invented products that are perfect for making life easier for getting out the door and on the teachers that educate / care for our kids. Whether your little one is heading back to school or going to daycare, the products below are a must have for Fall.

The Diaper Clutch - The First Diaper and Wipes Case to Feature a Unique Wipes Window

The Diaper  Clutch is a mom-invented diapers and wipes carrying case that is the first and only to feature a unique easy-access window to your wipes! The Diaper Clutch is a new mommy "must-have" for those constantly on the go. Also a great product to supply your daycare / Preschool with inside your little one's backpack. Comes in many chic and fun prints for the super mom and baby.

Tired of mornings spent in chaos making breakfast, beds & lunch boxes?

The EasyLunchbox System helps families organize and quickly pack healthy lunches without wasting money, time, paper or plastic! No more wasteful baggies and mismatched plastic containers to struggle with. BPA- free EasyLunchboxes containers are the #1 best seller in "lunch boxes" on Perfect for all ages for work, school and travel.

Make healthy "Lunchables" at home that kids love. MSRP: $7.95 - $13.95

Did you know that kids need to eat 5 colors every day? That’s why Today I Ate A Rainbow™ gets kids excited about eating a rainbow which makes it easier for mom to pack lunches for school.
The award winning Today I Ate A Rainbow kit will get your kids ASKING to eat a rainbow of fruits and vegetables on a daily basis.
Healthy eating habits start at home and the best way to set a habit is to make it enjoyable which is why they’ve turned healthy eating into a fun game that works!  This mom-invented brand has an incredible website that assists parents with getting their kids on a health path.
Rainbow kit retails for $18 CAD

The I Like Book recently came out with their Anti-Bullying Campaign for parents to purchase for their children and schools to implement in their curriculum. Personally, I think this is a remarkable brand and product giving children (moms/parents/couples) a boost of self esteem in their every day lives and relationships.  

My Friends Like Me book retails for $6. Contact your school board and suggest this Anti-Bullying Campaign to be included in every guidance counselor's office and provided to all students.

Your teen will definitely thank you for buying them this mom created product that is fashionable and functional. Head Back to School in Style insulating your fave beverage and toting it around in a way that is both trendy and Earth-friendly - with a Joe Jacket! Kids and teens love to show off the fun fashion and animal prints on their large water bottles, sports drinks and cold acrylic tumblers and moms love that Joe Jackets replace the disposable paper sleeve they get on their cup at the coffee shop and it helps the environment.

$6.99 Free Prime shipping on Amazon

Parking lots are full of distracted drivers and excited kids which makes for a worried mom.

The Parking Pal is an inexpensive fun product to keep kids safe when they are near cars or in parking lots. It's a magnet with colorful designs that stick to your vehicle. Kids are entertained and taught responsibility at the same time. Keep your little one safe with the Parking Pal. Retails for $8.99

Sending your little one back to school or in the arms of another caregiver can sometimes be a time filled with anxiety for both mother and child. Baby Jack Blankets creates comfort for little ones which can be customized by moms on our website

Each sensory tag blanket offers satin modern fabric paired with plush minky textured dot backing accented with ribbons sewn shut into TABS around the edges. Baby's very own Baby Jack Blanket will provide a little security while mom is away and will help break the barriers of being away from home.

So you're all packed, ready for school, off you go and someone has to "go". Time is of the essence and when you have more than one child - at different schools - it is hard to stop and take a quick trip to the potty. Never fear, Oops! Sheet’s Waterproof Cotton Car Seat Cover is here in case of a potty training emergency. An elastic perimeter makes for quick on/off and Velcro openings accommodate the car seat’s harness system. Best of all, the Oops! Sheet™ Waterproof Cotton Car Seat Cover is machine washable and reusable – ready for school pick up. Retails $70



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