Thursday, July 22, 2010

Decisions, decisions...

Wow, I cannot believe it's been nearly two weeks since I have posted. The summer days just have been getting away from us lately and throughout the month of July, we havent had ANY big plans. We are just enjoying the days on the calendar and filling them with family fun. Each weekend we wake up and ask ourselves, what should we do today? We go to the pool, the zoo, shopping, out to lunch/dinner or for a drive to visit family/friends. We havent had this much freedom since college. lol

Of course we are still on a schedule given we are raising a toddler. I cannot tell you how crutial schedules are to this little boy. Just the other day he skipped his morning nap, then we took a drive to a store thirty minutes away and had his lunch 90 minutes past his usual...he was such a trooper BUT he was off schedule, and off schedule Jack means limited naps, anti food/drink and fussiness for the rest of the day. Lesson learned!

Jack has been growing so fast before our very eyes and we couldnt be happier that the month of July is allowing us to spend so much family time together. Usually June/July/August is jam packed with weddings, showers & more but not this month. Since our last post, we have gone to many playdates with the moms & dads to the zoo, my husband & I played at Noah's Ark water park while Jack was with his grandparents, we frequently visit Gymboree Play & Music for climbing time and just yesterday Jack's Nana and I met my mom friends & their kids at the Brookfield Wirth Park Aquatic Center. This child is experiencing is all :) Next week is Gymboree class, Betty Brinn Children's Museum and The Big Backyard indoor playground in New Berlin. Life & Summer is good :)


Friday, July 9, 2010

Hales Corners St Mary's Fest on Friday

My husband and I got married at St. Mary's Catholic Faith in Hales Corners and over the past four years of heing involved at the Perish, we have never been to their summer festival. This year is all about saying YES to new when my friend Danielle asked us to meet her, her husband and son Ethan, we were all for it. Kara, Andrew and their son Landon met up with us there as did my father and his girlfriend Pam.

We grabbed some beers, good food and danced a little in the beer garden tent then decided to take a stroll. Jack was obsessed with being swung by anyone that was around (Brian and Pam swung him in this picture while Grandpa got the beer). It was his first festival and was able to run around, see his friends and play kiddie games. They had an area that was so adorable set up for little ones. Jack grabbed a "fishing pole" and fished for a prize (plasitc pig), he threw the football threw the hole , picked a boat out of the water, chose the Yellow box and spun the wheel for more prizes. He loved it and daddy was so proud to have a little fisherman and athlete, i think Jack's future flashed before his eyes :)

St Mary's is such a beautiful place. Honestly, we havent been to church in a really long time and brought my dad and Pam inside to show her around. Jack played with the holy water and we showed him where he was baptized and where mommy & daddy said I Do. It was cute and certainly a moment for us. We are definitely going to start going to church more often.

Before we left, we stopped by the rides and that Big Tall Yellow Slide looked so fun. I was wearing a skirt and opted out so Brian was brave enough to take Jack on his first carni ride, they were both fearless. Jack held on tight to his little pink pig that he won at the Fishing kiddie game and they landed safe and sound.

All in all, a great Friday night with good company; we are looking forward to making this an annual tradition!

The Jack Cam - Breakfast

Jackson is growing up so fast before our very eyes and if you know me, I like to document everything by taking pictures and video. I started to do his baby calendar up until he started walking but in a digital world, pictures and video are so much better. I figure when I have time, I can always fill in the dates after watching the videos and put it in his scrapbook (which I desperately need to work on!)

Recently Jack has officially stopped drinking his bottle - a HUGE milestone that we have been trying for quite some time. We quit it cold turkey and he went the entire week only drinking 1-2 ounces daily but today is the day he finally took to his big boy cup. It's been a long time coming but we wanted to get him on good nap schedule first before taking away the bottle. Patience is key everyone! I have my mommy friends to thank for all their advice and telling me he would eventually "get it". He graduated the bottle and is all grown up in more ways than one. Each day brings something new and exciting...something to celebrate.

My favorite part of the day is breakfast with him. We sit down across from one another and talk about what we are going to do for the day and I try to teach him some new things. I figured I would video take my perspective and let you in on our morning. Enjoy!

PS - As I'm typing this, he just spit out the words: Grandpa, Cat, told me "You Listen" and shrugged his shoulders and mumbled "I dont know". It's going way too fast for me...he is not a baby Jack anymore, he is a little boy.

Team Edward or Team Jacob?

I've never been an "official" Twilight fan until seeing the recent movie Eclipse. I am a HUGE Harry Potter fan and have even booked a family vacation to Orlando during the year of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter Theme Park opens...convenient? The movies just take me to a different place and I am swallowed up by the characters & storyline; I love anything that brings out my child-like enthusiasm. I've read all the books, visit websites and DVR anything related to it on TV. I even dressed like Harry Potter one year for Halloween -my husband wouldnt kiss me at all. lol

My friend Heidi (Team Edward) is a die-hard Twilight fan; has read the books numerous times, checks their websites daily and even wrote into Oprah to attempt to join her in her audience when the cast was there. I have read half of the first book and Heidi tried to get me to read New Moon and I just wasnt motivated. I got more pleasure out of hearing her version of the books and give me all the spoilers!

I never got anxious for the next movie to come out...until now. I saw Eclipse with Heidi and her sister Emily (also Team Edward) and it was an experience. There was more sarcasm, sexual tension, back story and less cheese, in my mind. Oh, and tons of warewolves running around shirtless, never a bad thing. During these moments, I was leaning more towards Team Jacob but there's something about those Vampires that intriques a girl. (takes me back to my childhood with Brad Pitt & Interview with a Vampire).

Needless to say, I loved the movie and came out yearning for more; fall 2011 couldnt come soon enough. I started checking websites and looking up cute items to send Heidi in anticipation of the next movie and found a store on Etsy (has a Facebook fan page too!) that sells adorable keychains and bracelets for Team Edward or Team Jacob.  You just have to check out this review and enter a chance to win on the Truth Be Told Blog!

I hope everyone goes out and sees the movies and comment about your Eclipse experience!  Thanks :)