Monday, May 31, 2010


Jackson and I were both born on the 6th, so it is great that not only do I get to celebrate my birthday (June 6th), but we also now celebrate another month older for him (16 months, born Feb 6th).  One day just isnt good enough, we tend to celebrate an entire week of festivities for birthdays.

This week is filled with getting orders done, fun time with friends, family & their kids and anticipating my very first baby Jack blankets photo shoot on Saturday! I'm sure I will be quite quiet this week via Facebook as I will be sewing the days away.

I have created a baby Jack blankets first CUTEST BABY CONTEST that ends on my birthday June 6th. Please visit our fan page on Facebook and upload your little ones pictures and get your friends to vote! I will be giving  away a FREE double blanket to the winner with the most votes! I'm excited to see the responses!
Of course, being a proud mommy, I had to throw on a few cute pictures of Jackson himself. After all, to me his is the cutest baby of them all :)

You'll hear more from me as the week goes on and I get to celebrate my birthday week with my favorite people!

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  1. Have am awesome birthday week, what a fab tradition :)