Monday, May 31, 2010


Jackson and I were both born on the 6th, so it is great that not only do I get to celebrate my birthday (June 6th), but we also now celebrate another month older for him (16 months, born Feb 6th).  One day just isnt good enough, we tend to celebrate an entire week of festivities for birthdays.

This week is filled with getting orders done, fun time with friends, family & their kids and anticipating my very first baby Jack blankets photo shoot on Saturday! I'm sure I will be quite quiet this week via Facebook as I will be sewing the days away.

I have created a baby Jack blankets first CUTEST BABY CONTEST that ends on my birthday June 6th. Please visit our fan page on Facebook and upload your little ones pictures and get your friends to vote! I will be giving  away a FREE double blanket to the winner with the most votes! I'm excited to see the responses!
Of course, being a proud mommy, I had to throw on a few cute pictures of Jackson himself. After all, to me his is the cutest baby of them all :)

You'll hear more from me as the week goes on and I get to celebrate my birthday week with my favorite people!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Memorial Day Sale!

Hi everyone! I will be "out of the office" and away from my craft room from Thursday-Monday and relaxing with no sewing up north near Haward, WI at our family cottage. It truly is a remarkable place & serene when we go there; complete contentment!

For the entire week, please enjoy this stellar deal if you purchase two blankets: 2 for $25 basic blankets w/ plain fleece backing OR get 2 for $30 basic blankets with minky dot backing. Just check out our Facebook Fan Page and the SHOP NOW TAB to purchase via paypal.

I will process orders when I return and answer any customizing questions throughout the weekend. Thanks!

So, now that you know what I am doing for the holiday weekend, what are YOU up to?

Handie of the Month Club

NEW to baby Jack blankets is the Handie of the Month Club! For a flat fee of $30, you will receive 12 handies mailed to you; one per month. This includes shipping!

Basically each month, I will pick one boy & one girl handie and YOU CHOOSE which one & where it is shipped. It's that easy! Use these handies as toys, dolly blankets or new baby gifts.

Club members will also get to take advantage of blanket specials & receive some really cool stuff. Sign up today on our facebook fan page Shop Now tab and start collecting those handies!

Here's the May & June options for Handies of the Month Club. Enjoy!

We've got Fabulous Fans of baby Jack!

Personally, I feel the greatest compliment is seeing pictures of little ones with their baby Jack blankets. Seeing how happy my creations make people is worth more than the money it brings in. Here are a few of my favorites! Enjoy :)

My first interview!

Check out my first interview from Life as a Preemie's Mom and enter to WIN this FREE i love Mommy/Daddy blanket with Minky Pink backing!  If you are interested in blogging about baby Jack blankets, please contact me at Thanks!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

A Mama's Day to Remember

It is only 7:20AM and it is already the best mother's day thus far. Jackson slept through the night and we got 9 hours of straight sleep! He came into our bed once he woke up and the three of us snuggled for about twenty minutes.

It's a beautiful day today and just because of Mother's Day; the sun is beaming! Our backyard looks so beautiful with all the lilacs, cherry blossom tree and azeleas in bloom. It's as if God planned this.

My husband brought me two cards, one from Jackson and one from him. I cried it was so touching. He brought me a venti Starbucks coffee, CD and flowers. He even arranged the flowers himself and put them in a vase! To top that off, he made a batch of sugar cookies this morning! What could be better than that?

The day got better...we are meet Brian's family at Seven Seas for brunch. This is probably the best brunch I have ever been to, the dessert table is jam packed with stuff i LOVE not to mention their mimosas. MMMMMM. I find this weird that they don't pamper dad's on their day with all this stuff.

After brunch we will pop over by my mama's to say hello. I bought her a cute apron for her kitchen that she just remodeled with paint and new appliances. It's just her style..."the little black dress apron".

I wish all the moms out there a great day and I want them to know that they have the toughest job, no matter the age of their children. You are appreciated every day of the year!

God Bless.


Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Roads to Recovery & Discovery

It's been a few weeks since I posted anything as our family has been beyond busy with projects, plans and random stuff that fills up our calendar. Also, we are currently fighting a cold & flu bug yet again. As of today,  I think we are on the road to recovery!

Busy is better, right? I try not to overwhelm myself or our family and am really looking forward to all the fun things that we have planned for this sping & summer. Besides the big plans that take up most of our weekends, we are learning to love all the little moments together as a family.

Jackson is emerging into a little boy. He continues to amaze & humor us as he grows up and discovers new things. Lately, his favorites are bathtime, swim class, stomping and shooting hoops. Every night is bath night and it is the highlight of Jack's day; this is also daddy & Jack time! No matter how many hours he has gone without a nap, he manages to remain his happy little self while splashing in the tub. This behavior encouraged us to enroll him in baby swim classes at Swimtastics in Franklin.

Swimtastics is a building that contains a small swimming pool in which its depth is about 4 1/2 feet. It's the perfect temp for little kids and Jack has been taking swim lessons here with other kids since March. He is honestly a fish out of water!  We tried to take lessons when he was about 6 months and felt it would be worth our money to wait until after his first birthday; we sure are glad we did! He understands so much more and is really enjoying time with mom & dad in the pool. No matter how tough the morning is, once we get in that pool as a family, everything seems better because it is "us time".

Jack has discovered how to move his little legs. He literally stomps all throughout the kitchen and it's quite entertaining. Brian and I sit there and watch him for 10 minutes after dinner every night and just laugh at his weirdness. As new parents, we have been finding ourselves saying "do our kids do this" even more and more. Even if other kids don't do this, it doesnt matter at all; Jack is unique in our eyes! Enjoy this little clip of our little man line dancing to Old McDonald.

Just last night I decided to buy Jackson his very first Little Tykes basketball hoop. I thought it would be way over his head but he suprised me to say the least. Within minutes of Brian teaching him how to shoot and put the ball in the hoop, he caught on. I think he has mad skillz like his uncle Ryan does when it comes to sports. Here's a little video of our future sports star getting oh so excited after he made the basket.

It's Mother's Day Week! My new favorite holiday! This is the one thing that is so sacred to me (being a mom) and am grateful that we have started a tradition with Brian's family to do brunch at the Seven Seas on Hartland. I really hope that all moms know they are appreciated and that they enjoy this day as much as I will.