Thursday, July 22, 2010

Decisions, decisions...

Wow, I cannot believe it's been nearly two weeks since I have posted. The summer days just have been getting away from us lately and throughout the month of July, we havent had ANY big plans. We are just enjoying the days on the calendar and filling them with family fun. Each weekend we wake up and ask ourselves, what should we do today? We go to the pool, the zoo, shopping, out to lunch/dinner or for a drive to visit family/friends. We havent had this much freedom since college. lol

Of course we are still on a schedule given we are raising a toddler. I cannot tell you how crutial schedules are to this little boy. Just the other day he skipped his morning nap, then we took a drive to a store thirty minutes away and had his lunch 90 minutes past his usual...he was such a trooper BUT he was off schedule, and off schedule Jack means limited naps, anti food/drink and fussiness for the rest of the day. Lesson learned!

Jack has been growing so fast before our very eyes and we couldnt be happier that the month of July is allowing us to spend so much family time together. Usually June/July/August is jam packed with weddings, showers & more but not this month. Since our last post, we have gone to many playdates with the moms & dads to the zoo, my husband & I played at Noah's Ark water park while Jack was with his grandparents, we frequently visit Gymboree Play & Music for climbing time and just yesterday Jack's Nana and I met my mom friends & their kids at the Brookfield Wirth Park Aquatic Center. This child is experiencing is all :) Next week is Gymboree class, Betty Brinn Children's Museum and The Big Backyard indoor playground in New Berlin. Life & Summer is good :)


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