Friday, July 9, 2010

Team Edward or Team Jacob?

I've never been an "official" Twilight fan until seeing the recent movie Eclipse. I am a HUGE Harry Potter fan and have even booked a family vacation to Orlando during the year of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter Theme Park opens...convenient? The movies just take me to a different place and I am swallowed up by the characters & storyline; I love anything that brings out my child-like enthusiasm. I've read all the books, visit websites and DVR anything related to it on TV. I even dressed like Harry Potter one year for Halloween -my husband wouldnt kiss me at all. lol

My friend Heidi (Team Edward) is a die-hard Twilight fan; has read the books numerous times, checks their websites daily and even wrote into Oprah to attempt to join her in her audience when the cast was there. I have read half of the first book and Heidi tried to get me to read New Moon and I just wasnt motivated. I got more pleasure out of hearing her version of the books and give me all the spoilers!

I never got anxious for the next movie to come out...until now. I saw Eclipse with Heidi and her sister Emily (also Team Edward) and it was an experience. There was more sarcasm, sexual tension, back story and less cheese, in my mind. Oh, and tons of warewolves running around shirtless, never a bad thing. During these moments, I was leaning more towards Team Jacob but there's something about those Vampires that intriques a girl. (takes me back to my childhood with Brad Pitt & Interview with a Vampire).

Needless to say, I loved the movie and came out yearning for more; fall 2011 couldnt come soon enough. I started checking websites and looking up cute items to send Heidi in anticipation of the next movie and found a store on Etsy (has a Facebook fan page too!) that sells adorable keychains and bracelets for Team Edward or Team Jacob.  You just have to check out this review and enter a chance to win on the Truth Be Told Blog!

I hope everyone goes out and sees the movies and comment about your Eclipse experience!  Thanks :)

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