Tuesday, October 28, 2014

An Educational Sensory Baby Tag Blanket by Baby Jack and Company

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Monday, October 27, 2014

MoccYeah Freshly Picked Moccasins and Baby Jack Sensory Lovey Giveaway

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Our Baby Jack and Company team member and experienced mama Ashley has written a review and giveaway from our friends at Freshly Picked. #moccyeah
As with anything baby related, I am always looking for the most functional, yet beautiful things for my sweet girl. #FreshlyPicked is both of those! When starting her company, Susan Peterson had big dreams, but virtually no capital. She started with a few pieces of scrap leather and money that she made from recycling aluminum from windows at her brother's company. Removing screws and glass for an entire summer, she made $200.00 to get what is now #FreshlyPicked, a flourishing and well-known company, off the ground. These adorable moccasins are worn by the Kardashian babies as well as being featured in Perez Hilton's popular blog and were featured on Shark Tank with our good friends from #SwimZip. 
We have the Rose Gold moccasins, and they are such a unique and pretty color for a baby shoe. The fringes around the edge add dimension and frill to these moccs. They are very easy to get on with a durable, yet hidden, stretch band, but also stay on well. My little one is a pro at wiggling shoes and socks off, but even she has not succeeded with her moccasins. She is not quite walking yet, but pulling up on everything. I thought the leather bottoms would be slippery, but they are not at all, and she has no problems with them. I am so impressed with everything Freshly Picked--the service is friendly and prompt, color selection is outstanding, and the quality and durability is wonderful.
Not only does Freshly Picked offer a wonderful baby shoe, but they also make beautiful "carry-all" and "keep-all" bags and t-shirts in children's and adult sizes. It is clear that this is a company that is not only dedicated to  kids' fashion and style, but beautiful and functional products for both mamas and their babes. Thank you, Freshly Picked, for a precious and durable baby shoe along with your love for mommies and babies.
Now's your chance for your babes to get their own lovey by #babyjack and a pair of Freshly Picked moccs with our #moccyeah giveaway! 

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Monday, October 20, 2014

Beach Babes Review and Giveaway #1

Recently our family traveled to Savannah, Georgia for an immediate family wedding. A private celebration to honor my brother in law and his new bride to be Jena. The destination wedding turned into a beach vacation getaway since Savannah Beach (Tybee Beach) is located a close 20 minutes away. This beach is secluded with few chain restaurants and 1 grocery store in town. Everybody knows your name and conveniently, there's a Pirate Fest every year. Movies are filmed here and Sandra Bullock owns a house along the coast, it was our perfect opportunity to unplug and mentally prep for the holidays.

My kids travel well now that they are a bit older - 5 and 3. Of course, when traveling with kids, you need to have no expectations. Delays, illness and weather are always out of your control but packing a plenty is what every parent must do when traveling. I have a few favorites of #CEOJack and #VPBailey that kept them busy during all the travel chaos. Keep in mind, every kids is different and these are products that simply worked best for our family of four. They are all products that I have personally reached out to obtain and/or purchased for my family because of brand loyalty and trust.

Leap Pad 2 - Bailey watched some shows, painted, played some games and the flight was over!

Crocs - My kids live in crocs in the warm weather. They receive a new pair every Christmas because they grow like weeds and there's so much wear to them. They are perfect for easy/on off during airport security and can be quickly removed when you reach your travel destination. Get Free Shipping on their website with orders $24.99+

Spbang snack pouch filled with Cheese-Its. This is a reusable snack bag that my kids love since it has an easy open/close latch. We had to take Bailey's in her ocean color, obviously!  Dum dum suckers are a must and if you kids doesn't like to keep gum in their mouth for long, it helps with their ears.

Honest Company hand sanitizer. Nothing makes me cringe more than dousing sanitizer on my little ones hands that has alcohol contents in it. Honest has made a natural hand sanitizer that keeps moms at ease and is safe for kids.  Boogie wipes help clean up the messes and keep sticky fingers and noses from spreading germs.

Of course Bailey cannot go anywhere without her "b". She has the Merry Cherry lovey by Baby Jack Blankets - one that I hand sewed for her and she has had since the day she was born. She managed to snuggle up on me during the plane ride and take a nap. I brought two loveys for "just in case".

Fast forward through an eight hour period of delays, missed flights, standbys and lost luggage. We have finally arrived at the beach!

Jack and Bailey are water babies. They have always loved bath time, swimming in their grandparents pool and spending time anywhere near water. Watching your child enjoying ocean waves will NEVER GET OLD.  There is such a feeling of serenity watching the water roll in, a calmness and as a parent, hearing the screeching laughter of your kids makes the travel kinks a thing of the past.

I vowed to stay relatively unplugged for the time we were there - at least professionally - and I think I honored that. What I noticed about myself was when I was buried in my phone on the beach (reading my e-book of Gone Girl) it appeared to Bailey and Jack that I was working; so I saved the book club for later after bedtime.

I took the time to give my kids 100% of my attention in large increments; something that is very difficult to do when you are working from home and building your own business. Don't get me wrong, I spend a lot of time with my kids but a "vacation" to me is having my husband nearby so I can get work done.

I decided to play. Building sandcastles, chasing seagulls, walks on the beach, fighting ocean waves and throwing a football filled my beachside days. I was a better mom, wife and person because of it. Work waited patiently.

Playing on the #beach requires prep and great products. My #mominventor friends wouldn't let me head to the ocean without keeping my kids sun safe and equipped with some must haves for sand fun.

Bailey and Jack each received a new Swimzip swimsuit that keeps their fair skin safe from the sun rays. We love this company because of all of their assorted prints of fashionable, chic and safe swimwear. Our kids do not venture in the sun without it - we even have them wear it during fourth of July parade viewing. Visit www.swimzip.com to check out their goods and Fall Sale options. Get FREE SHIPPING on orders $50 and up with code “Ship50”.

Hello Beach is another favorite find of mine. These seashell totes are a must when collecting along the sandy shores. Each tote comes with the bottom created as a net to remove all sands. Eco friendly and a perfect size for little hands! Comes in a variety of sizes. Check out their website on how to get $10 OFF!

Last time we went to the beach, my in laws purchased a lot full of beach toys, all items we had to leave at the condo unit because there wasn't enough room in our suitcase. Packable Pails are perfect for stowing in your luggage because they collapse and condense. Bailey and Jack each received a pail and we made many memories with them.

Just take a look at this retail display of beach goods. Packable Pails makes everything clean, organized and it is a must have for traveling. Personally, I think these should be sold in every toy store and take over all the other cheap versions of beach toys. Not only mom loved, but this is #CEOJack and #VPBailey approved!

Now is your time to WIN 1 of 3 Packable Pails. To enter, do the following:

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 Winner announced Thursday, October 23rd 2014. Good luck!

So there you have it, my favorite finds for traveling and parking it at the beach. Stay tuned for my next post to see which CELEBRITY MOM I met on the island and details on the custom creation I am currently working on for her daughter...

Jack and Bailey patiently awaiting our goods from over seas!

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Artwork to Keepsake - Budsies Toy Review and Giveaway

I first came across the concept of turning your artwork into a stuffed creation through a Budsies review from one of our favorite mom bloggers My Strange FamilyBudsies is a family-owned business that turns your kids masterpiece into a plush keepsake.
Check out the behind the scenes look of how a piece of Mermaid artwork comes to life with Budsies.

I personally have struggled with discarding all the beautiful, interesting and confusing things that my kids create but as a parent, you understand how overwhelming it can all get. Now that both kids are in Pre-K they come home daily with a drawing of some sort. I knew that before I could pick out my favorite piece of artwork, I had to order a "selfie" from Budsie of CEOJack and VPBailey. Opening the box and showing the kids was such a highlight!

After receiving our Budsies of #CEOJack and #VPBailey the kids were inseparable from them and after about three months, Jack still sleeps with it every night. I have never seen another product compete with his baby Jack blanket, so I stand impressed. He is beyond attached to his "selfie" and chooses to snuggle with it over Buzz Lightyear or Spiderman.  Bailey took to "herself" just as she would with another doll - usually inviting it to tea parties and welcoming to her doll family. 
Having such an emotional connection to an item is something that Budsies and Baby Jack strive to give our customers. By creating something that brings comfort and smiles, we are spreading love one creation at a time.
Together with Budsies, we are giving away 1 FREE Budsies creation and 1 FREE 29x19 educational blanket. We want to make sure that more kids are inspired by creating and grow up to develop innovative products.
To enter our giveaway,
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SHARE via Google Plus, Facebook and tag us
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Winner will be chosen on Sunday October 5, 2014
Read about Budsies in Parents October 2014 issue

Baby Jack and Company on Shark Tank Commercial

CEOJack and mom Kelley Legler of Baby Jack and Company at Shark Tank
20% off code SHARKTANK

In September CEOJack, VPBailey, my mother in law Nancy and I ventured to Milwaukee's open casting call at the Milwaukee Art Museum and we had the pleasure to audition for Shark Tank Season 6. It was a fun and thrilling experience that turned into a lot of press and open doors for Baby Jack and Company. We are still in talks with producers and are trying to grow our business more before pursuing in 2015.

Season 6 of ABC's Shark Tank kicked off Friday September 26th and the brands, entrepreneurs and Sharks stepped up their game. This has been extremely exciting watching and rooting for people we have met along the way on our Shark Tank adventure20% Off with code SHARKTANK

Upon completing the two hour premiere episode my phone and Facebook account were beeping with message alerts. I was prompted to turn my attention to the Shark Tank commercials and there WE ARE - ON TV! ABC Shark Tank put together a commercial about this year's casting calls sponsored by US Cellular called Casting on Main Street with a #shadowSharkTank sweepstakes.

Upon checking out the www.shadowSharkTank.com website, I noticed that many others from the casting process in Milwaukee were featured on the site, along with Jack and I again on the Perfecting the Pitch video.

Never in my life did I envision pursuing this Shark Tank audition process. I wanted to grow my business organically and word of mouth but after being there with the casting directors and crew - along with the spirit of entrepreneurs it has brought my focus to drive for more success. It was such a fun experience that our family business will remember.
Stay tuned for more Shark Tank updates as we continue to chat with casting directors for early 2015.
Shop our sensory baby tag blankets online and get 20% Off with code SHARKTANK.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Chompy Chic Chewlery Review and Giveaway with Baby Jack & Company

Yellow Gray Chewlery and Baby Jack lovey
As any mom prepares for a teething infant, I gathered the Orajel, frozen teething rings, Sophie the Giraffe, and last but not least, our Chompy Chic Chewlery. Kelley, the mom-inventor behind Baby Jack & Co.,  introduced me to this company. Baby Jack is one our baby "must-haves," so I knew she would be right on in her recommendation!

Never having heard of this company, I didn't know what to expect, but we received our teething toy in the mail on Saturday. Sonia, a #Chicago native and #Wisconsin resident mama of two young boys, started Chompy Chic Chewlery - catchy right!?- with the intent of beautiful teething necklaces being affordable for everybody. Chewlery ranges from $10-$35. She has been in business for a little less than a year, and has a winning product already!

Beco Baby Carrier with Chompy Chic Chewelry

Chompy Chic Chewlery products are adorable, to say the least. Cute colors, durable, and soft, BPA-free rubber beads and elephant toy for my little one to chomp on in which #babyMacie certainly did indulge in her chewelry. We attached to it to one side of the Beco Butterfly baby carrier and her Baby Jack lovey on the other side, and off we went. I love the easy snap-on connector, beautiful and modern color combinations, along with the safety & functionality of the toy.

Chompy Chic has an assortment of full size necklaces for moms to accessorize when they are not #babywearing.  I noticed that Kelley (owner of Baby Jack & Co.) kept hers to add pops of color to her dress and she doesn't have babies! Now that I see how durable and affordable these products are, I am looking to buy a full size necklace for myself. Browse their etsy shop for more Chompy Chic Chewlery--it is a must have for any mom. Beautiful, functional, and reasonable--the essence of motherhood.

Chompy Chic are accessories for Mom and teething products for baby
Enter to WIN a Chompy Chic Chewlery necklace for you and a friend along with one of the NEW #educational #Elephant loveys by Baby Jack!

1) Like Chompy Chic and Baby Jack & Co. via Facebook
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Winners for US Domestic shipping only. Must be a fan of both Facebook pages. 1 Winner and their friend will be revealed on following Sunday after validated. Winner to contact social@babyjackblankets.com

If you have a baby / child product that you would like us to review and offer to our fanbase, contact Ashley@babyjackblankets.com

Monday, August 11, 2014

Otteroo - Baby Water Floatation Review by Baby Jack

Our team member and review expert Ashley was recently asked to test out the new Otteroo baby floatie with her daughter #babyMacie, our #babymodel for Baby Jack & Co.

Otteroo is a floatation for babies that offers a positive transition from mommy's tummy to the bath. Babies become more confident in the water, and intuitively start to practice arm and leg water movement. The buoyancy and physical freedom that otteroo provides promote movement coordination, muscle strength and mobility.

Otteroo is a safe product made from toxin-free plastic and has a new cushioned chin rest with rounded smooth edges to avoid all discomfort for your baby.

Macie is genuinely a happy baby but this product proved to be a baby favorite as she was elated to be swimming in the bath water floating in her Otteroo. She had no restrictions and could stretch out which differs from mother's womb. This is a great developmental tool that helps mobility in little limbs.

The set up was a two person job as Macie disliked the process of attaching the floatie around her neck. Both her parents were skeptical but were immediately comforted upon seeing her happiness after being placed in the water. The Otteroo's cushioned chin rest poses no threat to baby and as always, children need to be monitored while playing in water.
Otteroo is parent tested, baby loved and pediatrician approved. The otteroo is designed for infants starting at 8 weeks old (9+ lbs). The interior flexible rim will comfortably expand a
s the infant grows and she will be able to enjoy her otteroo for a long time (up to 35 pounds)! Completely comfortable, otteroo promotes mobility, sense of discovery and water familiarity!
Retails for $35

Want to WIN an OTTEROO?
Ways to win:
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Winner will be validated and chosen at random on Wednesday evening by Baby Jack & Co.

Friday, August 8, 2014

Back to School

It's hard to believe that CEOJack of Baby Jack & Co. will be attending kindergarden this year. He has accomplished so much with our business this past year, it baffles me that he is still so young.

As our business has grown, CEOJack and VPBailey have been involved in business operations and decision making. They assist with product development, quality control and marketing yet Kindergarden scares the Rock a Thigh Baby Socks off of us. CEOJack is leaving me (mom Kelley) for 5K and it's time for VPBailey to step up and run things.

To prep our kids for kindergarden and 3K we dabbled in some great educational and learning products over the summer, all CEOJack and VPBailey approved.

 Many of them can be used throughout the school year too!

Parking Pal Car Magnet - this has been a life saver (literally) for when we drop our kids off at school. To ensure that nobody is running into traffic, both kids "high five the car" and wait for mom to take their hands. Parents are typically running late to drop off and it keeps my kids safe and within my reach.

Leapfrog Alphazoo Spinner - Press and spin your way to reading skills. This helped Jack learn and spell out his letters and kept Bailey entertained with animal sounds!

Easy Daysies Magnetic Schedule for Kids - both my kids are very scheduled and react good to routine. We live by our calendar as we always have personal and business fun planned. This is a great tool to keep kids on track and make sure they accomplish their daily tasks by seeing pictures of what they need to do. It's also a great reading tool so kids can associate words with pictures.

Crocs - Both of my kids have been wearing crocs since they could walk so it is a must to get a new pair for after school activities. Whether they are playing on the playground, soccer practice or just riding their bike around, they are wonderful to have on hand and kids love them since they do not need mom's help to slip on.

Kid O A to Z Magnatab - During our travels to San Diego, we visited with toy store Gappetto's and found this to bring back to the kids. Since April it has been a hit and a great way for Jack and Bailey to learn how to properly draw their ABCs with the bead filled magnetic board. They even have a lower case, cursive and shapes / numbers version too
!  A must have for any parent.

Skip Hop Zoo Pack - The favorite thing to do for back to school is picking out their very own backpack. It shows independence and you never know which personality will shine through with this decision. VPBailey chose the Lion backpack from Skip Hop (assuming because of her Lion King obsession). These backpacks are adorable and are a must for any preschooler.

Spbang reusable lunch bags are our family's go to for snacks. Now that Jack is away at school and eating cold and hot lunch, it is nice to be able to provide a health snack in a durable and waterproof bag. It is easy for the kids to open with it's tabbed arrow and has a place to write their name!

No Dust Chalk and and Mat by Jaq Jaq Bird - Any parent knows how dirty chalk is and how much kids love to write with it. This was another purchase from my San Diego visit at the Kids Expo - it was flying off the shelves since it literally does not leave a mess. My kids have been drawing on their roll up chalk mats and it is easy clean up. Also a great way to keep them entertained when out to eat!

Baby Jack & Co. ABC - 123 Educational Sensory Lovey - We couldnt leave off our ABC blanket that CEOJack and VPBailey inspired me to create. It's a perfect item for back to school or day care as it serves as a form of security while away from parents. With the modern primary colors it is stimulating for kids and also teaches them the alphabet A-Z on a custom ribbon tab, numbers 1-10 and shapes. These sensory items are also sold for therapeudic purposes for kids with special needs.

Brain Quest Workbook Kindergarden - Thankfully this book kept our family on track during the busy days of summer. It's a workbook that is engaging with hundreds of curriculum-based activities, exercises and games in every subject. Learning didnt feel like pulling teeth with this book!

Today I Ate a Rainbow - Now that school will be starting, I need to get my children on track to eating healthier. One product I have been eyeing up is Today I Ate A Rainbow, healthy eating games and nutrition plans for kids. Also a great way to learn colors for preschoolers!

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Baby Jack feeds the Sharks of Shark Tank for Open Casting Call in Milwaukee

I am elated that US Cellular would bring Shark Tank Casting Calls to #Milwaukee. They sponsored this year's open casting and having it in our backyard at the Milwaukee Art Museum made this mom's audition with kids in tow an easy task, less of a frenzy and a beautiful view. Why not!?

My friend informed me about Milwaukee Shark Tank open auditions last week, she saw a post on WISN 12 regarding the opportunity and emailed me immediately. Last time open casting was in the Midwest, Chicago, I had a charity conflict. Can you imagine my face knowing it was 15 minutes away!?

I didn't have a lot of time to prep - mentally. I was flying to NYC with my mom and mother in law for a business trip - we were attending a VIP baby shower for bachelorette Ashley and JP (we created a custom blanket for them) and used this opportunity to explore the city. On the roundtrip flight, I filled out my 24 page application equipped with essays about how we came up with the idea, our growth and our business plan. Printing the 24 pages the night before and getting a good night sleep for myself (and kids) was the plan, then we were off!

The day for me starting out at 6AM, per usual. I received a text from two amazing friends that they secured my place in line at 5:55AM. They got #073 in line for me and we were able to get in the doors first round of pitching! Thank you Julie and Karen. Bailey was dropped off at a play date in the AM and we drove downtown.

I arrived with Jack and my mother in law Nancy around 8AM and packed some goods to keep Jack entertained, i.e. Angry Birds, Cheese crackers and a bottle of water. He was content!
CEOJack of Baby Jack & Co. waiting in line

Once the doors opened and they had us sit in the WADING ROOM, instructions were given. Bring your A game, personality and smile. Be yourself and show your passion. Check and check. I know my product and feel confident that I have been successful, the only thing that I was unsure about was Jack. Would he talk? Would he contribute? Smile? Throw a tantrum?  Kids are unpredictable and I just had to go with the flow and not really have any expectations.

The producers and casting of Shark Tank ABC were beyond accommodating. They were literally excited for you, cheering you on and wanted to know about your story. I was sought out while standing in line as they must have known about my business from social media. They asked about my product, my pitch and where we want our business to go. I tend to send random tweets and hash tag like crazy and we also we received some great mentions / coverage from WISN prior to the audition so I assume that is how they heard of us.

Inside I was approached by casting and asked if they can film the entire pitch. Sure, of course (I thought they did that anyway). They then asked if I could return for a post pitch interview - with the kids. Naps were essential (for me too!) so I set it up for 3pm. Knowing that I had kids, they kindly bumped me to pitch #26 instead of #73. Amazing right!?

The pitch literally is a room of 5 tables. Five brands walk in, move to an open table and pitch...in under 90 seconds. The crew is energetic and they made it comforting to talk. We were done until 3PM.

Want more Baby Jack Co. and Shark Tank? See our interview on WISN12 and Metroparent

BACK TO THE TANK...3PM we returned to the Milwaukee Art Museum for a post pitch interview. I figured it was an opportunity to talk about being an entrepreneur, building business and balancing it all. This time, my daughter #VPBailey (3 years old) came with.  En route downtown, Jack was prepping her about Shark Tank and how you "do not actually touch Sharks" and that you "talk about blankets, take pictures and that's it." said Jack. "It's not hard. You can do it Bailey". 
The post interview was in front of cast and crew - a screen with lights and I was given a mic and makeup touch ups. Jack and Bailey also adored getting touch ups and the extra attention. I pitched again, on camera, answered a few questions and the day was complete. Genuinely kind LA cast worked with us Midwesterners and made the day a memorable one. Thank you ABC Shark Tank!

#VPBailey and #CEOJack pose in front of the Shark Tank sign
It's a waiting game. We should find out this week if they want to see Baby Jack & Company again!
Until then, enjoy 20% off all items on our website with code MILWAUKEE

Sunday, June 22, 2014

A Must Have to Keep My Kids Safe: Parking Pal Magnet

I have one mom to thank for keeping #CEOJack and #VPBailey of Baby Jack Blankets safe from harm when I park my car. Denise Whitney is the mom inventor and owner behind the Parking Pal Magnet; a magnet that the kids find at the rear of the car and stay put while I get out the stroller. It has become our norm.

You know what it's like when traveling with kids: chaos and excitement when getting out of a car. One tries to compete with the other and "win". They do not understand risk and often are careless. This car magnet is a repetitive process for our family and encourages them to learn along with being safe. Each child exits the vehicle and puts their hand on top of the hand print design - waiting for me to get out the stroller.  I can breathe knowing they are not going to be running amuck in a parking lot with moving cars.

Honestly, I was a skeptic that the coolness of the Parking Pal Magnet would wear off, just like chore charts and Disney jars do in my home. I assumed my kids would be interested at first and no follow through. It has been about eight months and they still actively use the Parking Pal Magnet and my blood pressure is lower because of Denise and her thoughtfulness to keep kids safe from harm. It goes to show how much I like this product when I was in a panic to find someone wrongfully stole them from my car; Denise immediately sent me two more.

The Parking Pal Magnet comes in eight fun colorful magnet designs and retails for $8.99. Recently they were featured on Buzzfeed too!

Baby Jack Blankets and Parking Pal Magnet have teamed up for an amazing giveaway. Our followers have a unique opportunity to win one of each product! Two winners per giveaway. To enter, LIKE their Facebook page, Share this blog post and comment on our Baby Jack Blankets FB post about why you think you need this product!

This review and giveaway is approved by #CEOJack, #VPBailey and Kelley of Baby Jack Blankets

Saturday, May 10, 2014

11 Ways to Wear Your Cover My Heart Nursing Cover

1 scarf - 11 designs. Inspired by fashion, designed for you!

Cover My Heart is the only nursing scarf you will need to buy after seeing the versatility that this mom invented product offers.
CoverMyHeart Breastfeeding style is the new trend-setter in the retail marketplace to fit the needs of nursing moms. Their new nursing scarf design is all about style with breathable chiffon covering both front and can be worn 11 different ways keeping it fresh, trendy and innovative. Designed to be worn yet small enough to fit in mom's purse perfect for on-the-go mom's. No matter what nursing cover mom chooses, CoverMyHeart is designed for breastfeeding success.
To celebrate Mother's Day, Baby Jack Blankets and Cover My Heart are partnering to give fans an opportunity to win one of these fashion forward scarves. It's a perfect baby shower / new baby gift for moms and moms to be.

Mom Inventor April Marcial
Cover My Heart brand was created by April, a Certified Lactation Consultant specializing in assisting new moms with the education and benefits of breastfeeding.  With three kids of her own, she wanted to invent a product that can be used in different ways and not appear to be a breastfeeding product. It's a fashionable, multifunctional product and a must have for anyone expecting a baby.  
To enter to win:
LIKE Cover My Heart on Facebook
WATCH their new commercial below
COMMENT on our blog OR Facebook post with how you'd wear your very own nursing scarf by #CoverMyHeart
Our friends at Milkin' Cookies are donating samples of their lactation cookies to our 2 lucky winners!

In addition to wholesome nuts, berries, and wheat flours, Milkin' Cookies contain key ingredients called galactogogues--foods known to boost lactation. I personally tasted them at the San Diego Family & Kids expo and they are delicious! LIKE Milkin' Cookies on Facebook too!





Monday, April 21, 2014

SoapSox Bath Time Fun Review & Giveaway

Since I became a mom inventor, I have come across some amazing brands and people. Recently, I was introduced to Alvin and Ray from SoapSox, a plush bath time tub toy that has a pocket for a bar/liquid soap. It makes bath time fun for kids and allows them to easily wash themselves.

These products are great but so is the brand and marketing concept comparing to the competitors. Each character is uniquely designed with a child in mind having its own personality and identity. Having an actual foam/plush toy in the tub vs. a washcloth with a head makes the experience more realistic and interactive. Also, they dry overnight! No more crusty, dry washcloths to deal with!

CEOJack received Tank the Shark to test and VPBailey received Taylor the Turtle. Lately Jack has not been interested in bath time but since seeing that he can play with his new Shark and wash himself, there was no fight tonight. He is now 5 and is steering away from baths with his sister but since bringing home our SoapSox, he was excited to get Tank in the tub. 

Bailey of course took to Taylor the Turtle instantly and wanted to scoop up Tank the Shark as well. She is my fish out of water and will play in a bath/pool for hours if I let her. I am contemplating purchasing the entire line for bath time fun as well as a great pool toy too.

SoapSox are CEOJack and VPBailey approved, also a must have by mom. We all need a little bit more help in making bath time more fun and I am happy to introduce you to Alvin and Ray with their latest collection of bath tub friends.

Today through Wednesday, SoapSox will be giving away FREE products to THREE lucky winners for fans of Baby Jack Blankets. Simply enter via our Rafflecopter below. If you cannot wait to win and are eager to buy, visit http://soapsoxkids.com today.

In order to enter to win, there are 5 optional entries:
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