Monday, August 11, 2014

Otteroo - Baby Water Floatation Review by Baby Jack

Our team member and review expert Ashley was recently asked to test out the new Otteroo baby floatie with her daughter #babyMacie, our #babymodel for Baby Jack & Co.

Otteroo is a floatation for babies that offers a positive transition from mommy's tummy to the bath. Babies become more confident in the water, and intuitively start to practice arm and leg water movement. The buoyancy and physical freedom that otteroo provides promote movement coordination, muscle strength and mobility.

Otteroo is a safe product made from toxin-free plastic and has a new cushioned chin rest with rounded smooth edges to avoid all discomfort for your baby.

Macie is genuinely a happy baby but this product proved to be a baby favorite as she was elated to be swimming in the bath water floating in her Otteroo. She had no restrictions and could stretch out which differs from mother's womb. This is a great developmental tool that helps mobility in little limbs.

The set up was a two person job as Macie disliked the process of attaching the floatie around her neck. Both her parents were skeptical but were immediately comforted upon seeing her happiness after being placed in the water. The Otteroo's cushioned chin rest poses no threat to baby and as always, children need to be monitored while playing in water.
Otteroo is parent tested, baby loved and pediatrician approved. The otteroo is designed for infants starting at 8 weeks old (9+ lbs). The interior flexible rim will comfortably expand a
s the infant grows and she will be able to enjoy her otteroo for a long time (up to 35 pounds)! Completely comfortable, otteroo promotes mobility, sense of discovery and water familiarity!
Retails for $35

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  1. other than having a healthy baby, i hated being pregnant

  2. This looks amazing.. Id so love to win one for my peanut!

  3. The best part of being pregnant is bonding with your baby and feeling them move, turn, and hiccup. Pregnancy rocks!

  4. What I loved most about pregnancy was feeling my little one flutter around!

  5. Everything !! It took me 4 years to become pregnant so I loved every second of it. I was blessed with a set of Boy Girl twins out of it so the wait was worth it