Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Giving Back Comfort

Baby Jack Blankets chooses to contribute to a select group of children's organizations providing comfort where it is needed. In the past, we have contributed to Autism Speaks, Celebrate the Military Child, The Special Olympics, Healing Hailey, Go Bright Pink and more.

This year, our 2014 selected charity is March of Dimes, and specifically Friends of Maddie. Maddie is the daughter of Heather and Mike Spohr from top blog The Spohrs are Multiplying and this non profit was created in hopes to assist families with babies in the NICU after she was born on November 11, 2007 at 26 weeks and 6 days; over 11 weeks premature. Maddie's lungs were left scarred due to her prematurity and became an angel unexpectedly on April 7, 2009 after coming down from a severe respiratory infection. Friends of Maddie was established to tribute to this beautiful little girl and the light that she brought into the world.
Join Baby Jack to help raise awareness and support Heather Spohr while she joins March of Dimes on April 26 to March for Babies. Up until April 26, for every lovey purchased from our website, Baby Jack will donate an item to Friends of Maddie to include in their Family NICU packs bringing comfort to many babies born pre-term.  Shop online and on the CART page, click on the Friends with Maddie option to ensure that a donation is sent.
Show this family, and many more that they are in your thoughts. Their struggles have not gone unnoticed and that their strength is admirable. Let's all March for Babies in any way we can.
When you donate or walk in March for Babies, you give hope to nearly half a million babies born too soon each year. The money you raise supports programs in your community that help moms have healthy, full-term pregnancies. And it funds research to find answers to the problems that threaten our babies. March of Dimes have been walking since 1970 and have raised an incredible $2.3 billion to benefit all babies.


Saturday, March 1, 2014

So long my baby girl...

I get extremely emotional when my kids hit a milestone that turns them from baby to big kid. Transition out of the crib into bed, potty training and currently saying goodbye to the nuk turned me into a sobbing lady. I can't handle how fast they grow but it amazes me how proud they stand when they make this giant little leap.

My kids are MAM paci kids since birth. Along with their blankets, it has been the only thing that would calm them down besides mama. When Jack had to let go of his pacifier, he didn't flinch. We told him strictly that if you bite it, you have to toss it. The day before Bailey's first birthday, he bit his last nuk. He tossed it and moved on. It worked out great because we were going to take it away the following week and blame the dentist! But Bailey is a rough and tough little girl who is opinionated as they come and gets what she wants.

Today started out as her being attached to her nuk since waking. I informed her that she would get to pick out a new stuffed bear and she was going to turn into a big girl and put her paci inside the bear. *Side note: we cut the end of the pacifier and told her she broke it so it was easier to part with. We peaked at the Build A Bear website and she got excited for all the choices that she had as a new home for her nuk.

The Build A Bear store was a madhouse -per usual- but she was adorable to watch. She knew that she did not want a bear, she is after all a horse/elephant/giraffe/puppy girl. Never does she pick out a teddy bear.

Her pick was the My Little Pony Princess Twighlight Unicorn; a great choice because she could comb her hair! Waiting patiently in line, Bailey gave one last goodbye to her baby soother and stepped right up. Stomping on the stuffer, watching her new friend grow and choosing which foot to put the paci in simply made her giddy. When Twilight was complete, she was able to wash her, brush and bring her home. It was amazing to see Bailey make all these choices herself.

When we arrived home, she was spent. Reality set in as nap time approached that her nuk was gone. She asked for another one - then demanded and I almost gave in because seeing her in distress simply pains me. I sat with her and rubbed her back as she screamed NO BIG GIRL. MY NUK until she calmed and I left her alone to fall asleep. It was a short nap, but she made it through without her nuk!!

The rest of the day we continued to keep her busy and do "big kid things" like going to Stonefire Pizza where there are bounce houses, bowling lanes, slides and a mini roller coaster. We kept cheering her on and telling her how big she was and all the kids around her didn't have nuks.

As we speak, she is in bed - holding Princess Twilight Pony tightly - with her Baby Jack Blanket in hand and singing herself to sleep and I am here realizing that these transitions are much more hard on the moms.



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