Sunday, April 18, 2010

Ups & Downs & Ups

What a busy week packed with dinner dates, play dates, figuring out what my life passion is and saying goodbye to a furever friend. I managed to keep myself too busy this week to avoid thinking about an emotionally trying weekend. I kicked off the week by hanging out with my cousin Shelly after Jackson was in bed on Sunday. Two glasses of wine and a lot of conversation, I looked down and it was 11PM! I got barely any sleep!

Monday and Tuesday were calm and productive. Wednesday it got crazy-hectic but in a good way. Jack and I went to his weekly Gymboree class but had a stone look on his face the entire time. We have been battling a cutting tooth for a week now and I think the sleep deprivation caught up to us and Nana came to the rescue in the afternoon! Jack's grandma (nana Na -for Nancy) comes to hang out with us every other week. I never manage to get any errands or chores done because we always chat the day away but Wednesday stuff got done. It felt so good to clean our home! For dinner Brian and I celebrated our third anniversary and went out to dinner; nothing special except some quality time together and then we came home to tuck Jack in and watch Idol with Nancy. A perfect Wednesday and celebration :)

Thursday we had invited Danielle and Ethan over for lunch and I really enjoyed their visit. It was so much fun sitting down for lunch together and then watching the boys interact by playing They have become little friends as they get more and more time together outside of Gymboree. Friday was another playdate! We met up with Erin and William at Gymboree Music class and we admired how grown up the boys have gotten. William is 7 days younger than Jackson and Erin and I have tracked all of their milestones together. They've been buds before they were even born.

It was the weekend. Saturday morning we took Jack to his tot swim class and my was it theraputic. I was emotional and dreading the anticipation of Saturday afternoon.  We have decided to find a home for our other cat Ella and a family was coming to visit. Needless to say, they adored her and took her with them that very day. Ella was my baby before Jack. She was my longest relationship and I had her before I met my husband. It was the best decision for our family, but my heart still aches thinking about it. I don't believe that time heals pain, it's what you do with the time that gets you passed it I keep busy.

One of the most impactful things that occurred to me this weekend was a phone call with a friend. She is a life coach and I was her guinea pig for one of her tests. I took the passion test and actually figured out my passions in life. Everything that I yearn for in life happens to be right in front of me and this conversation happend at the perfect time -post meltdown! After talking to Coach Katie, i realized my answer to finding my happiness. I now have some homework to take care of before my next call with her in one week.

As I sit here on Sunday winding down from a roller coaster of a week, I am reflecting on how blessed I really am. No matter how crazy - good or bad - my days get, I have definitely chosen some amazing people to share these feelings with and be my support system. To me, that makes the ride was well worth it.

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