Sunday, June 6, 2010

Best Birthday Week Ever!

Today I celebrated my 28th birthday and Jackson turned 16 months. I have to say that it has surpassed every other birthday/holiday of my time. It was spent with people who continue to enrich my life more than they will ever know.

It started off up north at the Legler on Long Lake cabin with our family plus Brian's parents, brother Scott and my father and his girlfriend Pam. We all had my favorite dinner (Thanksgiving style feast) and a DQ ice cream cake. We relaxed with pontoon rides, played with the jet ski and drank Long Lake Island Ice teas in celebration.

On Tuesday I was able to meet up with my mommy friends at the zoo and hang out with our boys. We all have such a great relationship and bond over being moms and they are all just such sweet people. I really enjoy the time I spend with all of them, collectively and individually!

Wednesday I drove to Guernee Mills to meet my best friend Heidi for dinner and some shopping. Our visits used to be few and far between but now we make a conscience effort to see one another more often. She has always been that one friend that celebrated everything with me in life and continues to never pass judgement. I love her to pieces!

Saturday was my very first professional photo shoot for baby Jack blankets. I am extremely blessed to have amazing friends and family to make this happen. An old coworker and her husband volunteered their time and set up a portrait studio in our spare bedroom and took pictures of kids. They have exceeded my expectations with the quality and amount of pictures they took and I will be eternally grateful of how wonderful they were. It was so much fun having six little kiddos all under the ages of 2 at our home for our "professional playdate". It was great to have my mom, mother in law and friends all in one place to see how far we have come with baby Jack blankets. *pictures will be posted soon!

So today, my actual birthday was the best day ever. My son slept through the night (always a plus!), he took two naps in his crib (45 min each), Brian and I got to watch a movie together (The Hurtlocker), we met my dad and his girlfriend out for breakfast, Brian and I took Jackson to the zoo and rode the Train for the very first time with him and I took a nap afterwards. We are ending this perfect day with carryout & a DQ Blizzard.  Life is too good and the years will only get better!

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