Thursday, June 24, 2010

Fans & Family Night

On Tuesday June 15th we had our first Fans & Family night on Facebook. I must admit, I was exhausted after this online hour event had ended. We had trivia games, raffles, fast finger games & more. I gave away coupons, handies, basic blankets, a double sized blanket & a handie of the month membership. It seemed that all the fans had a great time playing and I am excited for more events like this in the future....sales werent too bad either as I offered all customers a 30% off coupon for the evening on their total purchase. My fans are great people!

My goal with these giveaways is to encourage people to either buy more and/or spread the word about my creations. I really love what I do and want people to know about it and nothing makes me happier than seeing a picture of my creation with someone's baby. I hope to get a lot of fan pictures out of this giveaway day!

This event also gave me some ideas on what to do for our upcoming ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY! That's right, baby Jack blankets is turning ONE and we all know how first birthdays go...they are a BIG DEAL. Stay tuned for more info and if you have any ideas, please post a comment. 

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