Sunday, November 3, 2013

Baby Jack Blankets went to Hollywood for the Boom Boom Room Celebrity Gifting by Janeoni Moore

Tis the season that many new and established businesses will be contacted by celebrity gifting specialists in prep for the upcoming 2014 awards - Golden Globes, Emmy's, Oscars and more.

Baby Jack Blankets was invited to the 2013 Boom Boom Room Pre-Golden Globes Celebrity Gifting Suite put together by baby gear expert Jayneoni Moore.

2013 was a great year for Baby Jack Blankets and attending the Boom Boom Room Pre Golden Globes Celebrity Gifting suite by Janeoni Moore opened our eyes about the baby industry. Although Baby Jack Blankets didn't receive ROI from the gifting suite after spending a lot of up front costs on product and marketing, we went into it as an opportunity to travel to Hollywood with my mother in law and mom so that truly made it worth every penny spent. We had fun, that was the point as it was our vacation. We made great connections with owners and inventors in this diverse baby industry and with the help of networking, our brand began to grow - oddly enough it grew because of the people I met that have done previous events. Costs of the booth were high, travel expenses added up and shipping / internet and more really tore into our budget. But again, it was our vacation.

Many of the celebrities that attended the event were very kind. They were impressed with our product - the only handmade one there - and stood there taking pictures with us to capture for our website and future marketing. Following the event, we emailed and attempted to contact many and there was no response making it difficult to swallow spending all the labor and hard costs into just giving away our product. People like Kelly Stables, Heather Spohr, Ian Ziering, Scott Wolf and Lisa Ling made the celebrity part a blast because of their kindness and willing to sit and talk to you about your brand.

The greatest gift given at the celebrity gifting suite was that we as owners were all in the same boat. Hard earned money and a lot of anxiety / anticipation rolled in one room - also being terrified of some egos.  All the brands exchanged business cards and later we were able to collaborate and grow - as a brand, inventor and cross promote one another.  It's hard to guarantee which celebrities that "commit" will actually attend. I happened to be disappointed that I couldn't pitch my product to the Sharks and celebrities that I grew up watching on TV. To save you costs, contact me and I can introduce you to some great people that I connected with after attending the event. I am happy to share my Hollywood experience with all of you mom inventors that have baby brands with a small business.

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  1. I personally was defrauded by Jayneoni Moore! While I know that not *everyone* who has worked with her has been scammed, I know of at least two dozen other small business owners who feel they have been -- many who have a strong disdain for this woman and wonder why she's not yet behind bars. Speaking from my own experience, I believe she targets unassuming, trusting new mom-owned businesses. Jayneoni Moore has proven to me that she is a liar who conducts herself and her business not only dishonestly and unethically, but at times even illegally imo (i.e. false advertising).

  2. I was scammed by Jayneoni Moore as well. She did not hold up to one thing I paid and signed a contract for The Boom Boom Room. I agree with the person above that she needs to be behind bars. I am doing my research to try and find all the other companies she has scammed and try to see that justice is served to this woman. Jayneoni Moore is a dishonest and very unprofessional person.

  3. I agree with the above comments and also feel very disappointed after working with Jayneoni Moore. I did not get what I paid for and feel like I was also ripped off.

  4. Could those of you who were displeased give some more specifics as to which promises, results ect were not upheald? This is of great interest to us as we begin to market our children's line. Thank you!