Friday, December 31, 2010

Hello 2011!

This year has been amazing so far when I think about the growth that baby Jack blankets has gone through. As a mom and business woman, I have found that this is my connect with other parents about the main thing that we have in common; our children. It brings me such joy to be able to create items for people and hear stories about how much they love them.

There are so many great things ahead for our business -as well as our family's personal life. We are embarking on child #2 in May which will bring a new line of blankets to baby Jack blankets and hopefully you will all embrace it as I have...I am excited to announce this new line when my baby girl Bailey is born in May.

Last October we ran into some patent problems with ribbon loops and have motivated ourselves to create a new design and patent it. We will now be closing all ribbon loops to prevent them from easily popping off blankets and also avoid a health hazard for little ones (choking/getting fingers caught, etc.). We are excited to debut this NEW and IMPROVED design of non-looped ribbon tabs in mid January {patent pending}. Our handie of the month members will be able to receive the very first creations and provide feedback to us as our focus group :)

Another thing that I have begun creating in late 2010 was twin size blankets and adult throws w/o ribbons. I love being able to customize blankets for people and let them choose what will work for their home/personality. It makes my job so much better knowing that the customer walks away happy!

As I type this, I am getting ready for our 2010 Cutest Baby Contest where I will be creating a blog with a poll for people to vote on the top 3 cutest kids. I will then pick the winner next week and they will receive a free NEW DESIGN blanket in mid January! The contest ends today so I better start getting things ready :)

Thank you to all my loyal fans and new arrivals to our fan page. Your support as customers and also as a mommy/daddy sounding board has meant the world to me throughout the year. I love sharing our family updates with you and developing a personal connecting with you and your kids.  God bless and have a great New Years!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Thanks for the business 2010!

I am excited to say that today we are officially closed for business for the remainder of 2010. With the current rush of holiday orders, this will keep me busy creating until mid December and then I will be taking time off with my beloved family.

I owe everything to my family, friends and fans for helping spread the word about our business. I couldnt be happier with the success of baby Jack blankets for 2010 and hope that the year 2011 brings more growth for us.

Starting in January, we will be announcing a new design - which we will patent - for the baby blankets. Since we can no longer incorporate ribbon "loops" to our item, we will modify the loop and make it more colorful, attractive and interactive for little ones. Also, since we are having baby #2 (sex TBD in Dec), this comes at an appropriate time to incorporate his/her name into our business. We will not be changing the name baby Jack blankets (as it is Trademarked) but aspects of our baby Jack's will include his brother or sister in someway or another.

We are excited for what the new year brings us, more growth, more fans and more babies! Both Jack and I wish all you and your families a happy Thanksgiving, Hanukah, Christmas and New Year! God Bless and be merry.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Home Improvements

It has been almost a month since I updated, it's about time! Things have been very busy with family and the business and we have been taking advantage of the great end of summer weather. It's great to finally have the windows open and breathe the fresh air.

Jackson is getting so big. He is talking a lot and getting into just about everything. We are entering the terrible twos and threes and it shows BIG TIME. He gets frustrated so easily because he just wants to do it makes me sad and proud to see him getting so big so fast...time to have another right?  :)

Speaking of...we are preparing for the big move into a big boy bed. I am slowly buying items for his new room and it's going to be great. I'm really excited to be able to transition him as I know he is outgrowing his crib (and loves our bed). Time will tell...

Another remodel we are starting is a fourth bedroom in our basement. We need more room and having another bedroom downstairs will allow us to have guests over and pretty much take over the downstairs...the mother-in-law suite is what we are calling it. Nancy (Brian's mom) was such a huge help with Jackson so it's only obvious that we will need a place for her to sleep with the next one. Progress pictures to come....

Friday, August 6, 2010

i love us

Today Jackson is 1 1/2 years old. I cannot believe how fast the past 18 months have flown by. Last night I became extremely emotional thinking how fast it all went by and reflected on the lesson i learned this week to simply slow down, take my time and finish what i started. (see previous blog post on our first visit to Children's Hospital)

Jack is everywhere now. Running, climbing, knocking things over and every day is another learning experience for me on what more needs to be baby proofed in our home. It's a monthly tradition on this day that I remember the day of his birth. It was such a blur to me that I usually ask another person's perspective (my husband, my mom & in-laws) but I think I finally have the timeline down.

Jack was 3 weeks late. It was a long 3 weeks as I took the time away from the office and worked from home. I didn't have much to keep me busy except the overflowing Facebook notifications and phone messages of people asking "Any sign of baby yet?"  

On February 5, I was sent to West Allis Women's Pavillion hospital because I was barely dilated, maybe a 1/2 cm. I was there to take medicine in order to help me dilate prior to being induced in the morning. My loving husband slept on the couch and we awoke on Friday February 6th at 7AM to my nurse checking in and getting ready to give me my pain meds. At this time, the only pain I was feeling was terrible back pain. I was sitting on the big bouncy ball to help my back when my doctor strolled in. "Time to break your water!!".

What? Already? WTF. I was terrified and by the look on my husband's face, he was as well. I didn't feel a thing when she broke my water and when the nurse put the cathedar in. (PS - loved not moving when i peed)
After an hour of just sitting there and barely dilating, they decided to begin inducing labor.

It was near 9:30AM because I saw Kelly Rippa on TV. Immediately when they began the Pitocin drip, the baby's heart rate dropped. I was in the midst of an Epidural when about ten hospital  members ran into the room. I was flipped over on my hands & knees with an oxygen mask strapped to my face. I looked like a dog. My bare end was showing for all the room to see but my mind was in mommy mode. I no longer cared about myself or anyone else in that room except for my son. I saw my husband's face. He looked scared. He was pale, sick and worried. (I believe a nurse just told him that they might prep me for emergency surgery so I caught his expression after the fact). They removed the Pitocin drip and Jack's heartrate was back to normal...time to relax and get back to that Epidural!

Following the Epidural, I couldn't feel anything from the waste down. A nurse kept rolling my big ole belly from side to side and had to shift my legs for me. The pain meds and the Epidural took any soft of feeling away from me. The only discomfort I felt throughout the entire day was minor contractions which I would rate a 2/10 on a pain scale. Anytime they came about, I would need complete silence and would just breathe...I suprised myself at how calm, cool & collect (and polite) I was throughout the day. I imagined myself to be a raging bitch to everyone and my husband. The only thing that irritated me was the ice chips...seriously, give me some water to chug because my mouth is dry. My loving husband ran around so many times fetching ice chips. God Bless him.

So this went on and on and on throughout the day. Shifting back and forth, minor contractions, increaing the Pitocin equaled a few more oxygen masks & being flipped over, reducing the Pitocin and still barely dilated. You would think that someone would step in and say...hey, let's just cut her open, but No.

Finally, it was around 5PM and my doctor's partner Dr. Liz Deckers stepped in and said, enough is enough. "You are only at 4 centimeters dilated and the baby hasn't moved. We are going to take you in and do an emergency C-Section." I was fine with it. I knew this baby was going to be big and that it would amount to this anyways; I was even begging my OB to schedule me one and take the short cut.

After being prepped for the OR, sanitized, re-sanitized after vomiting (some intern raised the scalpal too high over the curtain), test poked six times and doused with anesthetics, I was open. My husband was escorted in and saw my open body. I was terrified for him. I demanded that the nurse to hold his hand when walking in (he is afraid of hospitals) and there he was...smiling, anxious and ready to do this. He held my hand and listened as the staff talked us through the procedure.

"The head! The head! Here's your baby's head," a staff member yelled. My husband STOOD UP and looked. I was so proud of him!  Pressure, tons of pushing and finally relief. We heard two wimpy cries and that was our boy! Jackson was born at 6:13PM on February 6, 2009 - 18 months ago today. My husband ran over to the incubator to take pictures and to bring our son over to meet his mommy. We later found out that Jack's cord was wrapped around his neck twice which made the labor unsuccessful. Knowing his personality and his dislike of shirts stuck around his neck while changing, it all makes sense.

With all the anesthetics, I lost feeling from the neck down so I was unable to hold Jackson. Brian did all the holding, cooing and kissing for the both of us. I don't know if he cried, but I know I did. It was a moment that both of us will remember forever and make sure to reflect on the 6th of every month.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Just breathe

A mom's job is to protect their child, to make sure there is no hurt in their world and their safety is always our number one priority. There will be times when this is not within our reach so we have to trust in a higher power for protection. Yesterday, all my trust was in my mommy instincts, my support system, some amazing doctors and with God.

The day started out with an energetic toddler at 5am and a very tired mommy. I decided to run to McDonald's with Jack and suprise his Grandma with some breakfast for us to enjoy before putting him down for his AM nap. Upon returning home, I was greeted with a hungry dog so I placed the drink tray on the counter top and proceeded with feeding her. I was gabbing with my mother in law about some fabric that was out of stock when all of a sudden something made me turn. I cannot get the sight out of my head of my son on his tip toes trying to pull the coffee tray towards him.

It was an out of body experience. I began screaming "No, Jack no!" and using every muscle in my body to move toward him, grabbing him and knocking the coffee cups away from him mid-air. I felt burns. Scolding hot liquid on my hands and feet and then I heard that scream. A nailbiting sound coming from Jack. He was in pain and it is a screech no mother (or human being) should have to endure. What made me turn my head? Was it an inner voice that just said "check on him" or was it mommy's intuition? Whatever it was, it saved my son from being burned all over his face and chest. My poor mother in law had no clue what was happening. She was in the other room and didn't even know I had brought us coffee. I can't imagine her thoughts as this was occurring.

My next reaction was to immediately take off his shirt and get cold water on him. We both jumped into the bathtub with freezing cold water hitting us. I sat their holding him, kissing his head and whispering "you are alright, mommy's here". I prayed. I asked for him to be alright and to give me strength.

I yelled to my mother in law to get the car ready, we are taking him to Children's. My little cousin was 2 when he was burned by a coffee pot and I remembered he had to get skin graff done. I was terrified, but knew that we needed to take him to a doctor. The minute that passed felt like an eternity.

I grabbed Jack, his backpack with diapers, his blanket & Cookie Monster plush doll and ran to the car. I even remembered to grab my purse with my insurance card and my keys. I don't know how on Earth I was able to think rationally at this time, but it all worked out well.

The car ride was not as bad as I imagined it to be. Jack was on my lap, head on my shoulder and content. This put me at ease. He was not crying, nor in pain so I was optimistic that it wasnt as bad as I thought it out to be. He actually realized that he was riding in front on my lap and loved sitting shotgun. He played with the radio, the vents and talked to the cars as they passed - this shed light on our travel experience. The traffic was terrible. It was near 8am and rush hour. We hit every red light we could and managed to get to the hospital as quickly as we could. I laughed as my mother-in-law got enjoyment on running stop signs. It still makes me laugh at how she loved breaking the rules!

When we got to the hospital, my father & husband arrived which put me at ease. Jack lights up when he sees them so this way I could get a chance to just breathe. The nurses, doctors and staff at Children's Hospital were amazing. They are beyond thorough, professional, understanding and reassuring. They took care of Jack's wound as quickly as they could and accommodated us in any which way they could. Jack ate some breakfast, watched Einstein on DVD and enjoyed his visitors while they bandaged his wound.

His wound turned out to be only first and second degree burns which will heal within ten days. We got extremely lucky that it wasnt any worse and it will not be any permanent damage. We'll be taking it very easy for the next two weeks while he heals but Jack is already back to playing, climbing and laughing; not having a care in his world except eating and sleeping. Now we just have to get mommy back to normal!

Thank you to everyone that helped us through our rough day by commenting, praying & just saying that you care. xxoo  The Leglers

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Decisions, decisions...

Wow, I cannot believe it's been nearly two weeks since I have posted. The summer days just have been getting away from us lately and throughout the month of July, we havent had ANY big plans. We are just enjoying the days on the calendar and filling them with family fun. Each weekend we wake up and ask ourselves, what should we do today? We go to the pool, the zoo, shopping, out to lunch/dinner or for a drive to visit family/friends. We havent had this much freedom since college. lol

Of course we are still on a schedule given we are raising a toddler. I cannot tell you how crutial schedules are to this little boy. Just the other day he skipped his morning nap, then we took a drive to a store thirty minutes away and had his lunch 90 minutes past his usual...he was such a trooper BUT he was off schedule, and off schedule Jack means limited naps, anti food/drink and fussiness for the rest of the day. Lesson learned!

Jack has been growing so fast before our very eyes and we couldnt be happier that the month of July is allowing us to spend so much family time together. Usually June/July/August is jam packed with weddings, showers & more but not this month. Since our last post, we have gone to many playdates with the moms & dads to the zoo, my husband & I played at Noah's Ark water park while Jack was with his grandparents, we frequently visit Gymboree Play & Music for climbing time and just yesterday Jack's Nana and I met my mom friends & their kids at the Brookfield Wirth Park Aquatic Center. This child is experiencing is all :) Next week is Gymboree class, Betty Brinn Children's Museum and The Big Backyard indoor playground in New Berlin. Life & Summer is good :)


Friday, July 9, 2010

Hales Corners St Mary's Fest on Friday

My husband and I got married at St. Mary's Catholic Faith in Hales Corners and over the past four years of heing involved at the Perish, we have never been to their summer festival. This year is all about saying YES to new when my friend Danielle asked us to meet her, her husband and son Ethan, we were all for it. Kara, Andrew and their son Landon met up with us there as did my father and his girlfriend Pam.

We grabbed some beers, good food and danced a little in the beer garden tent then decided to take a stroll. Jack was obsessed with being swung by anyone that was around (Brian and Pam swung him in this picture while Grandpa got the beer). It was his first festival and was able to run around, see his friends and play kiddie games. They had an area that was so adorable set up for little ones. Jack grabbed a "fishing pole" and fished for a prize (plasitc pig), he threw the football threw the hole , picked a boat out of the water, chose the Yellow box and spun the wheel for more prizes. He loved it and daddy was so proud to have a little fisherman and athlete, i think Jack's future flashed before his eyes :)

St Mary's is such a beautiful place. Honestly, we havent been to church in a really long time and brought my dad and Pam inside to show her around. Jack played with the holy water and we showed him where he was baptized and where mommy & daddy said I Do. It was cute and certainly a moment for us. We are definitely going to start going to church more often.

Before we left, we stopped by the rides and that Big Tall Yellow Slide looked so fun. I was wearing a skirt and opted out so Brian was brave enough to take Jack on his first carni ride, they were both fearless. Jack held on tight to his little pink pig that he won at the Fishing kiddie game and they landed safe and sound.

All in all, a great Friday night with good company; we are looking forward to making this an annual tradition!

The Jack Cam - Breakfast

Jackson is growing up so fast before our very eyes and if you know me, I like to document everything by taking pictures and video. I started to do his baby calendar up until he started walking but in a digital world, pictures and video are so much better. I figure when I have time, I can always fill in the dates after watching the videos and put it in his scrapbook (which I desperately need to work on!)

Recently Jack has officially stopped drinking his bottle - a HUGE milestone that we have been trying for quite some time. We quit it cold turkey and he went the entire week only drinking 1-2 ounces daily but today is the day he finally took to his big boy cup. It's been a long time coming but we wanted to get him on good nap schedule first before taking away the bottle. Patience is key everyone! I have my mommy friends to thank for all their advice and telling me he would eventually "get it". He graduated the bottle and is all grown up in more ways than one. Each day brings something new and exciting...something to celebrate.

My favorite part of the day is breakfast with him. We sit down across from one another and talk about what we are going to do for the day and I try to teach him some new things. I figured I would video take my perspective and let you in on our morning. Enjoy!

PS - As I'm typing this, he just spit out the words: Grandpa, Cat, told me "You Listen" and shrugged his shoulders and mumbled "I dont know". It's going way too fast for me...he is not a baby Jack anymore, he is a little boy.

Team Edward or Team Jacob?

I've never been an "official" Twilight fan until seeing the recent movie Eclipse. I am a HUGE Harry Potter fan and have even booked a family vacation to Orlando during the year of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter Theme Park opens...convenient? The movies just take me to a different place and I am swallowed up by the characters & storyline; I love anything that brings out my child-like enthusiasm. I've read all the books, visit websites and DVR anything related to it on TV. I even dressed like Harry Potter one year for Halloween -my husband wouldnt kiss me at all. lol

My friend Heidi (Team Edward) is a die-hard Twilight fan; has read the books numerous times, checks their websites daily and even wrote into Oprah to attempt to join her in her audience when the cast was there. I have read half of the first book and Heidi tried to get me to read New Moon and I just wasnt motivated. I got more pleasure out of hearing her version of the books and give me all the spoilers!

I never got anxious for the next movie to come out...until now. I saw Eclipse with Heidi and her sister Emily (also Team Edward) and it was an experience. There was more sarcasm, sexual tension, back story and less cheese, in my mind. Oh, and tons of warewolves running around shirtless, never a bad thing. During these moments, I was leaning more towards Team Jacob but there's something about those Vampires that intriques a girl. (takes me back to my childhood with Brad Pitt & Interview with a Vampire).

Needless to say, I loved the movie and came out yearning for more; fall 2011 couldnt come soon enough. I started checking websites and looking up cute items to send Heidi in anticipation of the next movie and found a store on Etsy (has a Facebook fan page too!) that sells adorable keychains and bracelets for Team Edward or Team Jacob.  You just have to check out this review and enter a chance to win on the Truth Be Told Blog!

I hope everyone goes out and sees the movies and comment about your Eclipse experience!  Thanks :)

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Out Came the Sun and Dried Up All the Rain.

I cannot help but think how blessed I am to have this little boy in my life. Since he was created, my life has forever changed. My way of thinking, my priorities, every aspect of me is different and I am so grateful that he is here. Being a mom is one of the things I know I am great at but have struggled while adjusting to my new role.

I am a caretaker. I am a very giving and nurturing person so it was easy to adapt to the mommy role. I love everything about it until I began to spiral out of control and not have answers for what I was going through. I became very emotional, irrational and angry all of the time. I had a temper that appeared out of nowhere and began to have severe panic and anxiety attacks. I feared anything that was out of my control and out of our daily routine. Some days I actually thought about how my son's life would be without me. I honestly would ask my husband if he would know what to do if I were gone. I thought this behavior was normal and it was just my hormones talking so I ignored all the signs.

I let this go on for six months. I thought that I was just a lost soul and needed to find a hobby. I had been laid off in April 2008 and have been home with Jack since so my husband thought that it was a career issue. I knew it wasnt. I loved being with him and staying at home, teaching him and celebrating every milestone in his first years. It was for me...but i didnt feel like myself.

Jack's first birthday was a major turning point in my life. I made a decision days later to seek help from my general practitioner, therapist, family and friends. I was diagnosed with postpartum depression and today is the first I am talking about it...writing down my thoughts...5 months later. It's hard, let me tell you.

For someone who always likes to feel in control of things, the one thing that was out of control was my thoughts. Seeking help made me feel like I finally had an understanding of what was going on and I was now in control of my body and was getting the help I needed. And I have Brooke Shields to thank.

I remember seeing Brooke Shields on Oprah talking about her book about her experience with postpartum depression. I always thought that the new mom had postpartum depression after having a baby and it was associated with not having a connection with your child; which clearly wasnt the case with me. I began to research her book and ended up buying it at Barnes & Noble. It saved me. It gave me the information that I so desperately needed. What I never knew was that postpartum depression occurs wtihin the first year of the child's birth and that there are several different aspects of it. Things began to make sense again and this book lead to me seeking help from a professional.

After my doctor appointment, Lexapro perscription and several therapy sessions, I began to feel like my old self again. I started to make positive changes in my life. Changes that directly affected my health, emotional well being and mental state. It started with the company that I keep. I seperated myself from those that didn't  support me and my family at my best and certainly couldn't at my worst. I realized the lesson of quality over quantity and that family means everything!

I am so thankful for what I went through and am continuing to battle. It has opened my eyes to everything that matters and makes me realize how great I really have it. This has encouraged me to turn over a new leaf. I now take more chances. I laugh as much as I can. I am not afraid to show my child-like enthusiam. I make more effort with my great friendships. I am making new friends with common interests. I am creating a strong support system. After a downpour, finally...out came the sun and dried up all the rain.

If you are experiencing any of the symptoms that I have or think that you may be experiencing a form of postpartum depression, please seek help. Talk to your doctor and your family about your feelings. Never feel embarrassed. You will feel like a better woman and mother for doing it. If you need someone to listen, email me at Thanks!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Fans & Family Night

On Tuesday June 15th we had our first Fans & Family night on Facebook. I must admit, I was exhausted after this online hour event had ended. We had trivia games, raffles, fast finger games & more. I gave away coupons, handies, basic blankets, a double sized blanket & a handie of the month membership. It seemed that all the fans had a great time playing and I am excited for more events like this in the future....sales werent too bad either as I offered all customers a 30% off coupon for the evening on their total purchase. My fans are great people!

My goal with these giveaways is to encourage people to either buy more and/or spread the word about my creations. I really love what I do and want people to know about it and nothing makes me happier than seeing a picture of my creation with someone's baby. I hope to get a lot of fan pictures out of this giveaway day!

This event also gave me some ideas on what to do for our upcoming ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY! That's right, baby Jack blankets is turning ONE and we all know how first birthdays go...they are a BIG DEAL. Stay tuned for more info and if you have any ideas, please post a comment. 

Who's that baby in those diaper jeans?

Oh yes we did! My mom just had to buy Jack a pack of the New Huggies jean diapers and boy was Jack strutting his stuff (left). He really looked cute just hanging out with them but the minute we put his shoes on, he looked like the guy from The Village People with the cut off jean shorts. I couldn't stop laughing.

If you havent tried these diapers yet, I suggest you doll up your little one, put them on and take some pictures. I found another picture of my friend's son Connor posing with his diaper jeans on too! Enjoy :)

Father's Day 2010

What a fantastic & relaxing day we had. Jackson has been sleeping through the night so to wake up feeling refreshed really is a good start to our day. The three of us hung out in bed and played in the morning until he started getting tired. We then packed up for the day and drove to Sun Prairie (1 hr away) to my in-laws home for a day of swimming and a family BBQ. My in-laws were there along with my dad, his girlfriend, my brother and his girlfriend. The day was filled with a lot of laughter, eating, swimming with great people.

Jack really is a fish out of water. He went in the pool twice for over an hour EACH. I couldnt believe how much he just loved his floatie and kicking/swimming around with his family. It was a nice treat to be able to relax in the pool and not have him squirm. On top of that, he even took over an hour nap in his Grandparents crib! He is doing such a great job with naps now and I am now confident that he is on a great schedule...finally.

Another thing we did on Father's Day was visit Brian's Grandparents gravesite. Jack has never been to meet his GG's so we thought it was a great way to introduce him since we were in the area. Jack's GG (Great Grandpa) is named Wayne and that name has been passed down to four generations (Jackson Wayne Legler). We thought it would be great for Jack to see where his middle name came from.

One week prior to our Father's Day, Brian, Jack & I took his Nana to the Milwaukee County Zoo. We are trying to take Jack as much as possible as he seems to be learning so much lately about animals, sounds, names, etc. Here's a picture of us on the Zoo train as a family!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Love What You Do

My very first photo shoot was a success and I couldn't be happier with the photography. We had six kiddos at our home all under 16 months and it was a blast! Due to the unpredictable Wisconisn weather we set up a portrait studio in our spare bedroom and got some shots of the kids as well as outside in the sunshine.

Our photographers are old coworkers and did an amazing job for barely working with children! I went into this photoshoot with limited expectations and structure and was happy it turned out so well. I didnt want to stress about it or make the children do certain things and I was so calm and content the day of the shoot. It honestly felt like a playdate!

The photoshoot was scheduled the day before my birthday and I am so happy to be able to celebrate my weekend with all of these people. It made my birthday more than I could have imagined and I felt fulfilled all weekend. This solidified that I really love what a do; being a mom, staying at home with Jack and making blankets for all his friends. For more pictures, check out our Facebook fan page!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Best Birthday Week Ever!

Today I celebrated my 28th birthday and Jackson turned 16 months. I have to say that it has surpassed every other birthday/holiday of my time. It was spent with people who continue to enrich my life more than they will ever know.

It started off up north at the Legler on Long Lake cabin with our family plus Brian's parents, brother Scott and my father and his girlfriend Pam. We all had my favorite dinner (Thanksgiving style feast) and a DQ ice cream cake. We relaxed with pontoon rides, played with the jet ski and drank Long Lake Island Ice teas in celebration.

On Tuesday I was able to meet up with my mommy friends at the zoo and hang out with our boys. We all have such a great relationship and bond over being moms and they are all just such sweet people. I really enjoy the time I spend with all of them, collectively and individually!

Wednesday I drove to Guernee Mills to meet my best friend Heidi for dinner and some shopping. Our visits used to be few and far between but now we make a conscience effort to see one another more often. She has always been that one friend that celebrated everything with me in life and continues to never pass judgement. I love her to pieces!

Saturday was my very first professional photo shoot for baby Jack blankets. I am extremely blessed to have amazing friends and family to make this happen. An old coworker and her husband volunteered their time and set up a portrait studio in our spare bedroom and took pictures of kids. They have exceeded my expectations with the quality and amount of pictures they took and I will be eternally grateful of how wonderful they were. It was so much fun having six little kiddos all under the ages of 2 at our home for our "professional playdate". It was great to have my mom, mother in law and friends all in one place to see how far we have come with baby Jack blankets. *pictures will be posted soon!

So today, my actual birthday was the best day ever. My son slept through the night (always a plus!), he took two naps in his crib (45 min each), Brian and I got to watch a movie together (The Hurtlocker), we met my dad and his girlfriend out for breakfast, Brian and I took Jackson to the zoo and rode the Train for the very first time with him and I took a nap afterwards. We are ending this perfect day with carryout & a DQ Blizzard.  Life is too good and the years will only get better!

Monday, May 31, 2010


Jackson and I were both born on the 6th, so it is great that not only do I get to celebrate my birthday (June 6th), but we also now celebrate another month older for him (16 months, born Feb 6th).  One day just isnt good enough, we tend to celebrate an entire week of festivities for birthdays.

This week is filled with getting orders done, fun time with friends, family & their kids and anticipating my very first baby Jack blankets photo shoot on Saturday! I'm sure I will be quite quiet this week via Facebook as I will be sewing the days away.

I have created a baby Jack blankets first CUTEST BABY CONTEST that ends on my birthday June 6th. Please visit our fan page on Facebook and upload your little ones pictures and get your friends to vote! I will be giving  away a FREE double blanket to the winner with the most votes! I'm excited to see the responses!
Of course, being a proud mommy, I had to throw on a few cute pictures of Jackson himself. After all, to me his is the cutest baby of them all :)

You'll hear more from me as the week goes on and I get to celebrate my birthday week with my favorite people!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Memorial Day Sale!

Hi everyone! I will be "out of the office" and away from my craft room from Thursday-Monday and relaxing with no sewing up north near Haward, WI at our family cottage. It truly is a remarkable place & serene when we go there; complete contentment!

For the entire week, please enjoy this stellar deal if you purchase two blankets: 2 for $25 basic blankets w/ plain fleece backing OR get 2 for $30 basic blankets with minky dot backing. Just check out our Facebook Fan Page and the SHOP NOW TAB to purchase via paypal.

I will process orders when I return and answer any customizing questions throughout the weekend. Thanks!

So, now that you know what I am doing for the holiday weekend, what are YOU up to?

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Sunday, May 9, 2010

A Mama's Day to Remember

It is only 7:20AM and it is already the best mother's day thus far. Jackson slept through the night and we got 9 hours of straight sleep! He came into our bed once he woke up and the three of us snuggled for about twenty minutes.

It's a beautiful day today and just because of Mother's Day; the sun is beaming! Our backyard looks so beautiful with all the lilacs, cherry blossom tree and azeleas in bloom. It's as if God planned this.

My husband brought me two cards, one from Jackson and one from him. I cried it was so touching. He brought me a venti Starbucks coffee, CD and flowers. He even arranged the flowers himself and put them in a vase! To top that off, he made a batch of sugar cookies this morning! What could be better than that?

The day got better...we are meet Brian's family at Seven Seas for brunch. This is probably the best brunch I have ever been to, the dessert table is jam packed with stuff i LOVE not to mention their mimosas. MMMMMM. I find this weird that they don't pamper dad's on their day with all this stuff.

After brunch we will pop over by my mama's to say hello. I bought her a cute apron for her kitchen that she just remodeled with paint and new appliances. It's just her style..."the little black dress apron".

I wish all the moms out there a great day and I want them to know that they have the toughest job, no matter the age of their children. You are appreciated every day of the year!

God Bless.


Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Roads to Recovery & Discovery

It's been a few weeks since I posted anything as our family has been beyond busy with projects, plans and random stuff that fills up our calendar. Also, we are currently fighting a cold & flu bug yet again. As of today,  I think we are on the road to recovery!

Busy is better, right? I try not to overwhelm myself or our family and am really looking forward to all the fun things that we have planned for this sping & summer. Besides the big plans that take up most of our weekends, we are learning to love all the little moments together as a family.

Jackson is emerging into a little boy. He continues to amaze & humor us as he grows up and discovers new things. Lately, his favorites are bathtime, swim class, stomping and shooting hoops. Every night is bath night and it is the highlight of Jack's day; this is also daddy & Jack time! No matter how many hours he has gone without a nap, he manages to remain his happy little self while splashing in the tub. This behavior encouraged us to enroll him in baby swim classes at Swimtastics in Franklin.

Swimtastics is a building that contains a small swimming pool in which its depth is about 4 1/2 feet. It's the perfect temp for little kids and Jack has been taking swim lessons here with other kids since March. He is honestly a fish out of water!  We tried to take lessons when he was about 6 months and felt it would be worth our money to wait until after his first birthday; we sure are glad we did! He understands so much more and is really enjoying time with mom & dad in the pool. No matter how tough the morning is, once we get in that pool as a family, everything seems better because it is "us time".

Jack has discovered how to move his little legs. He literally stomps all throughout the kitchen and it's quite entertaining. Brian and I sit there and watch him for 10 minutes after dinner every night and just laugh at his weirdness. As new parents, we have been finding ourselves saying "do our kids do this" even more and more. Even if other kids don't do this, it doesnt matter at all; Jack is unique in our eyes! Enjoy this little clip of our little man line dancing to Old McDonald.

Just last night I decided to buy Jackson his very first Little Tykes basketball hoop. I thought it would be way over his head but he suprised me to say the least. Within minutes of Brian teaching him how to shoot and put the ball in the hoop, he caught on. I think he has mad skillz like his uncle Ryan does when it comes to sports. Here's a little video of our future sports star getting oh so excited after he made the basket.

It's Mother's Day Week! My new favorite holiday! This is the one thing that is so sacred to me (being a mom) and am grateful that we have started a tradition with Brian's family to do brunch at the Seven Seas on Hartland. I really hope that all moms know they are appreciated and that they enjoy this day as much as I will.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Keeping Oh Sew Busy

Where has this week gone? I cannot believe it is already Thursday. I wish the sun was shining and that we could picnic outside since it's Earth Day but we will have to have our Earth Day Mommy & Me playdate inside. I'm excited to hang out with my mommy friends today. Jack has been doing so well interacting especially when we keep the consistency of surrounding him with the same friends. He probably gets the social anxiety from me because all the moms comment about how "mellow" he is when he is in public. Far from the truth!

I have been keeping myself so busy lately. I have commited to a lot of tasks and volunteering my time as much as possible. Last night I met up with some girls from my graduating high school class and we are planning our ten year reunion. It turned out to be a blast from the past and I am really looking forward to being on the party planning committee. It shows how much we have all grown up in ten years that a mix from all different groups could sit down for an hour and inspire one another. It's a great group of girls!

Tomorrow I am volunteering my time on the PR committee for Susan G Komen Southeastern Wisconsin. I will be helping with copywriting and information feeds on social networks like Facebook, Twitter and posting inspirational videos on YouTube. This excites me not only because it's a great cause but because it will add to my experience on my resume and I can network with some great people. Good things can only come from this one!

In between playdates, meetings and hanging with Jack, I am also trying to kickstart my new company called Sprouting Up. I started creating baby fleece & ribbon loop blankets for baby Jack blankets and now I am expanding my horizons into other baby items. This shoppe will be on (a site to sell everything handmade) and it will have every day items for your growing babies - diaper bags, burp cloths, changing pads & more. I am excited to debut some of my items which of course means I need time to sit down and actually sew! Next week that is my priority!

This weekend will be a busy one. Saturday we are going to Madison for the 2010 Crazylegs 2 mile walk downtown and then going to a Brewer game with family. Jack gets to stay home with his Nana and Papa and play play play! Sunday the boys will be working hard in the yard and my mother in law and I will take Jack to swim class and experience this month's IRON CUPCAKE bake off at the Harley Museum. What's better than paying $10 and taste testing cupcakes from local chefs? Nothing...a perfect little Sunday.

Jack is done with his bottle and wants some mama play time now. I love this time of day with him because he is just so happy and well rested. Sleep is the key to a happy mommy and happy baby :)

Here's a picture of Jack's new tshirt by Makmaedesigns on etsy. LEGS was his dad's nickname in high school and 09 is his year of birth. He's going to wear this on Saturday for the Crazylegs walk....all bundled up in his InStep Jogger. Have a great weekend everyone!

Monday, April 19, 2010

My letter to my Jackson


You are my light. You give me strength, hope and unconditional love. You make me want more out of life and you give me the ability to want to offer all that I have to you. You make me want to be a better person, not only to you but to others. I want to show you so many things and be a role model to you while you continue to grow.  I am now listening to what my heart and my gut are telling me to do. You have encouraged me to make positive changes in my life that will someday benefit our family in the long run.

I am saving money. I am being kind. I am surrounding myself with positivity. I am doing what I love. I am finding the inner child in me. I am making our home a safe and warm place to live. I am helping the earth. I am doing the best I can. I don't know if all that I am doing will make a big difference but you are worth it all. You were created out of love and your father and I will never stop showing you how much you mean to us. We will forever be here to listen, to love & guide you throughout life.

Always always,

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Ups & Downs & Ups

What a busy week packed with dinner dates, play dates, figuring out what my life passion is and saying goodbye to a furever friend. I managed to keep myself too busy this week to avoid thinking about an emotionally trying weekend. I kicked off the week by hanging out with my cousin Shelly after Jackson was in bed on Sunday. Two glasses of wine and a lot of conversation, I looked down and it was 11PM! I got barely any sleep!

Monday and Tuesday were calm and productive. Wednesday it got crazy-hectic but in a good way. Jack and I went to his weekly Gymboree class but had a stone look on his face the entire time. We have been battling a cutting tooth for a week now and I think the sleep deprivation caught up to us and Nana came to the rescue in the afternoon! Jack's grandma (nana Na -for Nancy) comes to hang out with us every other week. I never manage to get any errands or chores done because we always chat the day away but Wednesday stuff got done. It felt so good to clean our home! For dinner Brian and I celebrated our third anniversary and went out to dinner; nothing special except some quality time together and then we came home to tuck Jack in and watch Idol with Nancy. A perfect Wednesday and celebration :)

Thursday we had invited Danielle and Ethan over for lunch and I really enjoyed their visit. It was so much fun sitting down for lunch together and then watching the boys interact by playing They have become little friends as they get more and more time together outside of Gymboree. Friday was another playdate! We met up with Erin and William at Gymboree Music class and we admired how grown up the boys have gotten. William is 7 days younger than Jackson and Erin and I have tracked all of their milestones together. They've been buds before they were even born.

It was the weekend. Saturday morning we took Jack to his tot swim class and my was it theraputic. I was emotional and dreading the anticipation of Saturday afternoon.  We have decided to find a home for our other cat Ella and a family was coming to visit. Needless to say, they adored her and took her with them that very day. Ella was my baby before Jack. She was my longest relationship and I had her before I met my husband. It was the best decision for our family, but my heart still aches thinking about it. I don't believe that time heals pain, it's what you do with the time that gets you passed it I keep busy.

One of the most impactful things that occurred to me this weekend was a phone call with a friend. She is a life coach and I was her guinea pig for one of her tests. I took the passion test and actually figured out my passions in life. Everything that I yearn for in life happens to be right in front of me and this conversation happend at the perfect time -post meltdown! After talking to Coach Katie, i realized my answer to finding my happiness. I now have some homework to take care of before my next call with her in one week.

As I sit here on Sunday winding down from a roller coaster of a week, I am reflecting on how blessed I really am. No matter how crazy - good or bad - my days get, I have definitely chosen some amazing people to share these feelings with and be my support system. To me, that makes the ride was well worth it.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Ready for the Magic

On a whim we booked a trip for five to Walt Disney World in Florida and we are just too excited to sleep! My amazing in-laws are going with us on Jack's first trip to the Magic Kingdom and we will be staying at the Carribbean Beach resort on the Disney grounds. To me, there is nothing like going somewhere for 6 days where you can completely transform yourself into a kid again and enjoy everything there is that is Disney.

I think I was destined to be a mom because I am so playful and in touch with my inner child. Before Jack, I used to be a nanny for two kids and all we did was play! To this day, I love Harry Potter, Disney movies, I still watch the Disney Channel and cannot wait to have a little girl to play dress up and pretend with her. I thrive on playing and making the environment for children as fun and magical as possible. This is probably why I am the most excited for this trip -next to my mother-in-law who shares similar interests.

Thankfully we stalked the airlines for a while and found a great deal (direct flight on Midwest) for quite cheap. We purchased a seat for Jack and his carseat to make the 2 1/2 hour flight a little more manageable. After all, he is a big boy and I couldn't imagine myself or my husband holding him and him sitting still for that long. Money well spent!

We also did a great job with planning when to go. We wanted to go somewhere when the Wisconsin weather became cool but also had to keep in mind the timeline if I happened to get preggers again. We decided and booked our accommodations and park tickets for the Sunday after Thanksgiving - Nov 28 - Dec 4.  This is going to be such a memorable trip!

Of course in order to prepare for our Disney trip, I had to purchase some clothes for Jack to dress the part and get familiar with some important Disney characters. I bought him some pijamas on sale at the Disney store -thinking he would fit into them in November- but he is wearing them now. It looks like I will have to make a Toy Story baby Jack blanket to go with Jack's Woody pijamas!!

I took this picture this morning while Jack was playing with his toys. I think this is beyond adorable, he's almost posing! He sure fits the part and looks like the sheriff of all his toys. I have no doubt in my mind that this kid will enjoy our Disney family vacation and maintain his child-like enthusiasm, just like his mama and nana.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

A somber Saturday

Yesterday was a difficult day for our family. We have been attempting to find a home for our beloved cats as they have not been adjusting well since Jack came into our world. Primarily our cat Molly was depressed with the changes, confinement behind gates and the loss of "her space". We decided yesterday to surrender her to the Lakeland Animal Shelter where we adopted her from after weeks of family visits and no adoptions. She knew something was up and started to spray in our home. Honestly, it was probably one of the most difficult and emotional things I have had to do in my life and am not looking forward to parting with our other cat Ella. Little by little our family is coping with our decision and each day that passes it is getting easier. I guess we had to do what is best for our home and our little guy and we know that Molly and Ella will find loving families to adopt them and give them the attention they so deserve.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Rock my world and light up my life.

My husband Brian is my rock and Jack is my light. My husband also rocks! Yesterday Brian came home after work (instead of his usual routine of going to the gym) so he could join Jack and I at open gym class at Gymboree Play & Music....technically he actually went to the "gym". We watched Jack as he played independently and with his buddy Ethan and enjoyed the moment. I suppose we could have stayed at home, laying on the floor and having Jack crawl all over us but it was a nice change of scenery. I now spend about 3 hrs a week at Gymboree Play & Music and Jack is progressing so much from it. He is climbing all over the place and it amazes us every day how much he has grown. He continues to shed light on each and every one of my days. I never knew you could love this much!

Today I created a "Jack cam" to show what he is up to so his friends, family and fans can keep tabs on him. I will try to post a video of him playing once a week so it doesnt become too much.

Here he is climbing his chair, shakin' maracas, saying "hi kitty" and finding his hammer.  Enjoy this video and hope it brightens your day!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

A lot of Sun on a Rainy Day

Today was a very eventful day with positivity surrounding our blessed family. It started out with a cup of coffee after a restless night of sleep that managed to keep my energy level consistent throughout the day. I took Jack to his Grandpa's house while I had a doctor's visit. The visit went extremely well and showcased how much progress has occurred over the past few months. I left there with a feeling of complete contentment and the realization that if I think positive, great things can and will happen.

After picking up Jack, I managed to get him to nap in his crib for about 45 minutes. This has been a difficult tasks for months now as he has been teething and going through separation anxiety. When he awoke he was rather mad that I snuck him in there but instantly began giggling since he was well rested.

On to Gymboree Play & Music class. Jack joined this class in February and since then we have made some friends and learned to climb, share and interact. Each week he checks off another milestone from his list and proves that he is growing up before my very eyes. Yesterday marked his 14 month goes by so fast! We had a suprise visitor at our Gym class, his Gramee was in the area and stopped by to see Jackson in action! After class Gramee walked Jack around the mall and I got a chance to chat with Danielle (a mommy friend from class) for a bit.

On my way home I found out that my husband Brian got a promotion! After almost 5 years at Bucyrus International, he was promoted to a Senior Analyst of Production Control. I couldn't be more proud of him! He now has three people reporting to him and will be mixing up his workout and work schedule that will happen to provide more quality time together as a family!

Another accomplishment today was that I have planned a baby photo shoot for my blanket business! I have "casted" 10 kids between the ages of 0-2 years that will be helping me capture some amazing photos with my product. I am getting the help of some amazing people along the way with photography, lighting, backdrops, attire and promotion.  I am beyond psyched to see how it turns out.

After looking around me, always staying positive and having faith, it goes to show that negativity gets you nowhere. I am so happy and excited of what the future holds for our beautiful family and am looking forward to our busy remainder of the year.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The smell of Spring

April showers bring May flowers, am I right? What a perfect day to do absolutely nothing indoor or to run some errands. There's pouring rain (yes, we have been singing It's Raining, It's Pouring), lightening, thunder and water everywhere! I believe this is the first storm of Spring.

That reminds me, Spring to me = cleaning. My husband and I are trying to clean and organize everything in sight so that everything has its place and we can actually find it when we need it. Our home is rather clean to a visitors eye, but behind the scenes it is a mess.

Another Spring thing that I now get excited for is planting flowers. Last year we landscaped our home and poured a backyard patio for entertainment and I can't wait to plant flowers in the pots and "pink it up". To me, our backyard is serenity once the flowers are in bloom. We have a cherry blossom tree, lilac bushes guarding our fence, burning bushes, lillies and more. My goal is to eventually convince my husband or dad to build me a large flower box of a garden. I thought it would be cute to paint on the side and say "Mama's garden". I always wanted one of those when I became a mom! Maybe a mother's day gift. (my husband better be reading this!)

Jack is very quiet right now eating his Cheerios and watching the rain hit the kitchen window. I wonder what he thinks about. If he only knew how much fun we were going to have outside - under the sun, rain, clouds and snow.  Watching this rain makes me so grateful and blessed that we can cherish these moments and anticipate more to come.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

An Eggcellent Easter Day!

Easter weekend came and gone and what a weekend it turned out to be! Holidays are exhausting; especially with a little one to entertain, keep happy and AWAKE for and during the festivities. Jackson did a great job today at his Grandma's house for Easter lunch. He ate brisket, mashed potatoes, pees & beans and yummy rolls. He explored her home and pulled on her rugs, climbed on her couch and tore up her Sunday paper.

We were able to have a quiet morning and evening surrounding our holiday celebration and spend time playing and laying with our boy. I am really looking forward to being able to start traditions that our child (and future children) can remember and look forward to. I havent the slightest idea of what traditions to incorporate into our immediate family, but perhaps bunny shaped pancakes for breakfast and an easter egg hunt is in store for next year.

To wrap up our night, we caught our little man shakin' it to his supper CD. Check out this video to see Jackson in action. Happy Easter to everyone reading!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Jack's Circle of Friends

Being the only mom in my circle of friends has been tough but it's also an eye opener. When you start a new chapter in your life, you want to gravitate to those people with common interests or towards those that are a positive influence.

Since becoming a mom and having new priorities, my friendships have been evolving. I hold on tight and put forth so much more effort into the friendships that have meaning and have let go of the ones that have faded. I've learned that a few great friendships is far better than a lot of acquaintances and am starting to open my eyes to a lot of great new people with similar interests.

Jack and I have met some friends throughout our new chapter in life and today I want to celebrate our circle of mommy & baby friends and thank them for being there. It's a different sort of bond that we share and an understanding if "something comes up" because after all, our babies rule of mommy world and call all the shots!

The people that we surround ourselves with in life shape who we are or who we want to become. I am grateful for all the people that I choose to have in our life and look forward to making new friendships; for myself and my family.

Here is Jill and Ethan. Jill and I worked together at my previous job and became really close before we were pregnant. Jill had Ethan in August and continues to be a big support person through all the trials and tribulations of motherhood. She is my go-to mom with all of my questions!

This is Jack's buddy William. Will was born one week later than Jackson and his mommy Erin and I were pregnant at the same time. I met Erin through work and this bond continues to grow stronger as our boys grow up!

My newest friend is Danielle. Her little guy is Ethan (just turned 1 in March!) and we met through Jack's Gymboree Play & Music class. She and I have a lot in common - she inspired me to start blogging again - and we keep in touch on a daily basis. We are starting to plan plenty of playdates (picnics, zoo visits, and luncheons) outside of Gymboree and get to know each other more.

My cousin Shelly has two adorable boys name Josh and Joe. Josh is five months older than Jack and I can see how Jack looks up to him. I am making more of an effort to visit with Shelly and the boys (as they live 10 min away!) because she is a great person to be with and I know that Jack can benefit and learn so much from Josh. Also, holding Joe (who is only 5 months) makes me want to have another little one!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

A family photo first

Yesterday was one of the most wonderful days we have had in a really long time despite going on a mere four hours of sleep due to a teething baby. My husband Brian took the day off of work and his parents Randy and Nancy came down for a visit. On Wednesdays we have our weekly Gymboree Play and Music class where kids get to learn to climb, run around and interact. Brian rarely gets to see Jack in action so this was a special treat for him. But on this particular Wednesday, I had planned the first professional family portrait and was beyond excited!

Due to the lack of sleep, all of us were dragging and exhausted. We tried to push a few AM naps on Jack so that he would be his happy self during the photo shoot but it didnt turn out the way I had envisioned. We took the "long route" to the studio so Jack could grab a quick nap and by the time we got there, he only had fifteen minutes of sleep.

During the snapshots, his facial expression was well, non existent! He was so tired the poor guy couldnt bring himself to smile. After several people attempting to entertain him, we snapped a bunch of photos with barely a little smirk. What I was amazed by was that he didnt squirm, cry or fuss the entire time we were there. The pictures turned out amazing and it was definitely money and time well spent.

We ended our afternoon by soup, salad and breadsticks at Olive Garden and plenty of rest when we got home. The perfect end to an amazing day.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I feel clean.

This weekend was very productive! I just went through and organized all of my fabrics and craft area so it no longer looks like a sweat shop and returned itself to some form of a basement. I don't want to take over my husband's "space" so I created a crafting corner far far away from the PS3 and TV. Finally, I feel clean, organized and ready to create.

I consider myself a multimedia guru or at least I like to dabble with several different means of communication. Since creating baby Jack blankets, I have found that a lot of my conversations and requests come directly through word of mouth, eBay or my Facebook fan page. Facebook is so much fun socially but as a business, I think it is great to be able to showcase my creations, talk to other moms, see pictures of fans and their babies and not make this business so "professional".

As each day passes, I struggle to find time to update facebook, blog, make blankets, process orders & shipments and also design a web page. All I ask of you is to be patient with me as I am trying to enjoy all the little things in between that life brings.

I thank you for all of your orders, compliments, suggestions and referrals and look forward to creating more soon. Tata for now, I am off to play with my baby and finally shower :) (it's 2pm)

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

A Year in Review

My life has forever changed because of this little man that has brought so much joy into my life. I never imagined that giving birth to Jackson could turn me into the person I am today. I have learned many lessons over this roller coaster of a year but I can honestly say I have reached my peak of total contentment. I have found my happiness in myself as a mother, a wife and as a woman.

Jackson turned one on February 6th and it was a very memorable experience. My husband and I celebrated his birthday and toasted to each other for getting through his first year as new parents. Since his first birthday, my baby Jack turned into a little boy. He has his very own personality, desires and a funny sense of humor; I am learning to savor every moment as time passes too quickly.

Jack has inspired me to try new things and to live in the moment. One day I randomly bought a sewing machine and learned how to sew. It's a creative outlet for me as a stay at home mom and alas I created baby Jack blankets! Since starting this business/hobby of mine in August I have expanded it on eBay, in baby boutiques, at craft fairs and have done quite well!

I owe so much to my son. He is the light in my life and my daily inspiration and entertainment. Thank you Jackson for teaching me to be a great mommy and accepting me for who I am.

Kelley Legler ~ mommy & seamstress