Friday, July 9, 2010

Hales Corners St Mary's Fest on Friday

My husband and I got married at St. Mary's Catholic Faith in Hales Corners and over the past four years of heing involved at the Perish, we have never been to their summer festival. This year is all about saying YES to new when my friend Danielle asked us to meet her, her husband and son Ethan, we were all for it. Kara, Andrew and their son Landon met up with us there as did my father and his girlfriend Pam.

We grabbed some beers, good food and danced a little in the beer garden tent then decided to take a stroll. Jack was obsessed with being swung by anyone that was around (Brian and Pam swung him in this picture while Grandpa got the beer). It was his first festival and was able to run around, see his friends and play kiddie games. They had an area that was so adorable set up for little ones. Jack grabbed a "fishing pole" and fished for a prize (plasitc pig), he threw the football threw the hole , picked a boat out of the water, chose the Yellow box and spun the wheel for more prizes. He loved it and daddy was so proud to have a little fisherman and athlete, i think Jack's future flashed before his eyes :)

St Mary's is such a beautiful place. Honestly, we havent been to church in a really long time and brought my dad and Pam inside to show her around. Jack played with the holy water and we showed him where he was baptized and where mommy & daddy said I Do. It was cute and certainly a moment for us. We are definitely going to start going to church more often.

Before we left, we stopped by the rides and that Big Tall Yellow Slide looked so fun. I was wearing a skirt and opted out so Brian was brave enough to take Jack on his first carni ride, they were both fearless. Jack held on tight to his little pink pig that he won at the Fishing kiddie game and they landed safe and sound.

All in all, a great Friday night with good company; we are looking forward to making this an annual tradition!

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