Monday, September 6, 2010

Home Improvements

It has been almost a month since I updated, it's about time! Things have been very busy with family and the business and we have been taking advantage of the great end of summer weather. It's great to finally have the windows open and breathe the fresh air.

Jackson is getting so big. He is talking a lot and getting into just about everything. We are entering the terrible twos and threes and it shows BIG TIME. He gets frustrated so easily because he just wants to do it makes me sad and proud to see him getting so big so fast...time to have another right?  :)

Speaking of...we are preparing for the big move into a big boy bed. I am slowly buying items for his new room and it's going to be great. I'm really excited to be able to transition him as I know he is outgrowing his crib (and loves our bed). Time will tell...

Another remodel we are starting is a fourth bedroom in our basement. We need more room and having another bedroom downstairs will allow us to have guests over and pretty much take over the downstairs...the mother-in-law suite is what we are calling it. Nancy (Brian's mom) was such a huge help with Jackson so it's only obvious that we will need a place for her to sleep with the next one. Progress pictures to come....

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