Friday, December 31, 2010

Hello 2011!

This year has been amazing so far when I think about the growth that baby Jack blankets has gone through. As a mom and business woman, I have found that this is my connect with other parents about the main thing that we have in common; our children. It brings me such joy to be able to create items for people and hear stories about how much they love them.

There are so many great things ahead for our business -as well as our family's personal life. We are embarking on child #2 in May which will bring a new line of blankets to baby Jack blankets and hopefully you will all embrace it as I have...I am excited to announce this new line when my baby girl Bailey is born in May.

Last October we ran into some patent problems with ribbon loops and have motivated ourselves to create a new design and patent it. We will now be closing all ribbon loops to prevent them from easily popping off blankets and also avoid a health hazard for little ones (choking/getting fingers caught, etc.). We are excited to debut this NEW and IMPROVED design of non-looped ribbon tabs in mid January {patent pending}. Our handie of the month members will be able to receive the very first creations and provide feedback to us as our focus group :)

Another thing that I have begun creating in late 2010 was twin size blankets and adult throws w/o ribbons. I love being able to customize blankets for people and let them choose what will work for their home/personality. It makes my job so much better knowing that the customer walks away happy!

As I type this, I am getting ready for our 2010 Cutest Baby Contest where I will be creating a blog with a poll for people to vote on the top 3 cutest kids. I will then pick the winner next week and they will receive a free NEW DESIGN blanket in mid January! The contest ends today so I better start getting things ready :)

Thank you to all my loyal fans and new arrivals to our fan page. Your support as customers and also as a mommy/daddy sounding board has meant the world to me throughout the year. I love sharing our family updates with you and developing a personal connecting with you and your kids.  God bless and have a great New Years!

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