Thursday, August 5, 2010

Just breathe

A mom's job is to protect their child, to make sure there is no hurt in their world and their safety is always our number one priority. There will be times when this is not within our reach so we have to trust in a higher power for protection. Yesterday, all my trust was in my mommy instincts, my support system, some amazing doctors and with God.

The day started out with an energetic toddler at 5am and a very tired mommy. I decided to run to McDonald's with Jack and suprise his Grandma with some breakfast for us to enjoy before putting him down for his AM nap. Upon returning home, I was greeted with a hungry dog so I placed the drink tray on the counter top and proceeded with feeding her. I was gabbing with my mother in law about some fabric that was out of stock when all of a sudden something made me turn. I cannot get the sight out of my head of my son on his tip toes trying to pull the coffee tray towards him.

It was an out of body experience. I began screaming "No, Jack no!" and using every muscle in my body to move toward him, grabbing him and knocking the coffee cups away from him mid-air. I felt burns. Scolding hot liquid on my hands and feet and then I heard that scream. A nailbiting sound coming from Jack. He was in pain and it is a screech no mother (or human being) should have to endure. What made me turn my head? Was it an inner voice that just said "check on him" or was it mommy's intuition? Whatever it was, it saved my son from being burned all over his face and chest. My poor mother in law had no clue what was happening. She was in the other room and didn't even know I had brought us coffee. I can't imagine her thoughts as this was occurring.

My next reaction was to immediately take off his shirt and get cold water on him. We both jumped into the bathtub with freezing cold water hitting us. I sat their holding him, kissing his head and whispering "you are alright, mommy's here". I prayed. I asked for him to be alright and to give me strength.

I yelled to my mother in law to get the car ready, we are taking him to Children's. My little cousin was 2 when he was burned by a coffee pot and I remembered he had to get skin graff done. I was terrified, but knew that we needed to take him to a doctor. The minute that passed felt like an eternity.

I grabbed Jack, his backpack with diapers, his blanket & Cookie Monster plush doll and ran to the car. I even remembered to grab my purse with my insurance card and my keys. I don't know how on Earth I was able to think rationally at this time, but it all worked out well.

The car ride was not as bad as I imagined it to be. Jack was on my lap, head on my shoulder and content. This put me at ease. He was not crying, nor in pain so I was optimistic that it wasnt as bad as I thought it out to be. He actually realized that he was riding in front on my lap and loved sitting shotgun. He played with the radio, the vents and talked to the cars as they passed - this shed light on our travel experience. The traffic was terrible. It was near 8am and rush hour. We hit every red light we could and managed to get to the hospital as quickly as we could. I laughed as my mother-in-law got enjoyment on running stop signs. It still makes me laugh at how she loved breaking the rules!

When we got to the hospital, my father & husband arrived which put me at ease. Jack lights up when he sees them so this way I could get a chance to just breathe. The nurses, doctors and staff at Children's Hospital were amazing. They are beyond thorough, professional, understanding and reassuring. They took care of Jack's wound as quickly as they could and accommodated us in any which way they could. Jack ate some breakfast, watched Einstein on DVD and enjoyed his visitors while they bandaged his wound.

His wound turned out to be only first and second degree burns which will heal within ten days. We got extremely lucky that it wasnt any worse and it will not be any permanent damage. We'll be taking it very easy for the next two weeks while he heals but Jack is already back to playing, climbing and laughing; not having a care in his world except eating and sleeping. Now we just have to get mommy back to normal!

Thank you to everyone that helped us through our rough day by commenting, praying & just saying that you care. xxoo  The Leglers

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