Thursday, April 22, 2010

Keeping Oh Sew Busy

Where has this week gone? I cannot believe it is already Thursday. I wish the sun was shining and that we could picnic outside since it's Earth Day but we will have to have our Earth Day Mommy & Me playdate inside. I'm excited to hang out with my mommy friends today. Jack has been doing so well interacting especially when we keep the consistency of surrounding him with the same friends. He probably gets the social anxiety from me because all the moms comment about how "mellow" he is when he is in public. Far from the truth!

I have been keeping myself so busy lately. I have commited to a lot of tasks and volunteering my time as much as possible. Last night I met up with some girls from my graduating high school class and we are planning our ten year reunion. It turned out to be a blast from the past and I am really looking forward to being on the party planning committee. It shows how much we have all grown up in ten years that a mix from all different groups could sit down for an hour and inspire one another. It's a great group of girls!

Tomorrow I am volunteering my time on the PR committee for Susan G Komen Southeastern Wisconsin. I will be helping with copywriting and information feeds on social networks like Facebook, Twitter and posting inspirational videos on YouTube. This excites me not only because it's a great cause but because it will add to my experience on my resume and I can network with some great people. Good things can only come from this one!

In between playdates, meetings and hanging with Jack, I am also trying to kickstart my new company called Sprouting Up. I started creating baby fleece & ribbon loop blankets for baby Jack blankets and now I am expanding my horizons into other baby items. This shoppe will be on (a site to sell everything handmade) and it will have every day items for your growing babies - diaper bags, burp cloths, changing pads & more. I am excited to debut some of my items which of course means I need time to sit down and actually sew! Next week that is my priority!

This weekend will be a busy one. Saturday we are going to Madison for the 2010 Crazylegs 2 mile walk downtown and then going to a Brewer game with family. Jack gets to stay home with his Nana and Papa and play play play! Sunday the boys will be working hard in the yard and my mother in law and I will take Jack to swim class and experience this month's IRON CUPCAKE bake off at the Harley Museum. What's better than paying $10 and taste testing cupcakes from local chefs? Nothing...a perfect little Sunday.

Jack is done with his bottle and wants some mama play time now. I love this time of day with him because he is just so happy and well rested. Sleep is the key to a happy mommy and happy baby :)

Here's a picture of Jack's new tshirt by Makmaedesigns on etsy. LEGS was his dad's nickname in high school and 09 is his year of birth. He's going to wear this on Saturday for the Crazylegs walk....all bundled up in his InStep Jogger. Have a great weekend everyone!

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