Friday, August 8, 2014

Back to School

It's hard to believe that CEOJack of Baby Jack & Co. will be attending kindergarden this year. He has accomplished so much with our business this past year, it baffles me that he is still so young.

As our business has grown, CEOJack and VPBailey have been involved in business operations and decision making. They assist with product development, quality control and marketing yet Kindergarden scares the Rock a Thigh Baby Socks off of us. CEOJack is leaving me (mom Kelley) for 5K and it's time for VPBailey to step up and run things.

To prep our kids for kindergarden and 3K we dabbled in some great educational and learning products over the summer, all CEOJack and VPBailey approved.

 Many of them can be used throughout the school year too!

Parking Pal Car Magnet - this has been a life saver (literally) for when we drop our kids off at school. To ensure that nobody is running into traffic, both kids "high five the car" and wait for mom to take their hands. Parents are typically running late to drop off and it keeps my kids safe and within my reach.

Leapfrog Alphazoo Spinner - Press and spin your way to reading skills. This helped Jack learn and spell out his letters and kept Bailey entertained with animal sounds!

Easy Daysies Magnetic Schedule for Kids - both my kids are very scheduled and react good to routine. We live by our calendar as we always have personal and business fun planned. This is a great tool to keep kids on track and make sure they accomplish their daily tasks by seeing pictures of what they need to do. It's also a great reading tool so kids can associate words with pictures.

Crocs - Both of my kids have been wearing crocs since they could walk so it is a must to get a new pair for after school activities. Whether they are playing on the playground, soccer practice or just riding their bike around, they are wonderful to have on hand and kids love them since they do not need mom's help to slip on.

Kid O A to Z Magnatab - During our travels to San Diego, we visited with toy store Gappetto's and found this to bring back to the kids. Since April it has been a hit and a great way for Jack and Bailey to learn how to properly draw their ABCs with the bead filled magnetic board. They even have a lower case, cursive and shapes / numbers version too
!  A must have for any parent.

Skip Hop Zoo Pack - The favorite thing to do for back to school is picking out their very own backpack. It shows independence and you never know which personality will shine through with this decision. VPBailey chose the Lion backpack from Skip Hop (assuming because of her Lion King obsession). These backpacks are adorable and are a must for any preschooler.

Spbang reusable lunch bags are our family's go to for snacks. Now that Jack is away at school and eating cold and hot lunch, it is nice to be able to provide a health snack in a durable and waterproof bag. It is easy for the kids to open with it's tabbed arrow and has a place to write their name!

No Dust Chalk and and Mat by Jaq Jaq Bird - Any parent knows how dirty chalk is and how much kids love to write with it. This was another purchase from my San Diego visit at the Kids Expo - it was flying off the shelves since it literally does not leave a mess. My kids have been drawing on their roll up chalk mats and it is easy clean up. Also a great way to keep them entertained when out to eat!

Baby Jack & Co. ABC - 123 Educational Sensory Lovey - We couldnt leave off our ABC blanket that CEOJack and VPBailey inspired me to create. It's a perfect item for back to school or day care as it serves as a form of security while away from parents. With the modern primary colors it is stimulating for kids and also teaches them the alphabet A-Z on a custom ribbon tab, numbers 1-10 and shapes. These sensory items are also sold for therapeudic purposes for kids with special needs.

Brain Quest Workbook Kindergarden - Thankfully this book kept our family on track during the busy days of summer. It's a workbook that is engaging with hundreds of curriculum-based activities, exercises and games in every subject. Learning didnt feel like pulling teeth with this book!

Today I Ate a Rainbow - Now that school will be starting, I need to get my children on track to eating healthier. One product I have been eyeing up is Today I Ate A Rainbow, healthy eating games and nutrition plans for kids. Also a great way to learn colors for preschoolers!

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