Sunday, September 28, 2014

Baby Jack and Company on Shark Tank Commercial

CEOJack and mom Kelley Legler of Baby Jack and Company at Shark Tank
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In September CEOJack, VPBailey, my mother in law Nancy and I ventured to Milwaukee's open casting call at the Milwaukee Art Museum and we had the pleasure to audition for Shark Tank Season 6. It was a fun and thrilling experience that turned into a lot of press and open doors for Baby Jack and Company. We are still in talks with producers and are trying to grow our business more before pursuing in 2015.

Season 6 of ABC's Shark Tank kicked off Friday September 26th and the brands, entrepreneurs and Sharks stepped up their game. This has been extremely exciting watching and rooting for people we have met along the way on our Shark Tank adventure20% Off with code SHARKTANK

Upon completing the two hour premiere episode my phone and Facebook account were beeping with message alerts. I was prompted to turn my attention to the Shark Tank commercials and there WE ARE - ON TV! ABC Shark Tank put together a commercial about this year's casting calls sponsored by US Cellular called Casting on Main Street with a #shadowSharkTank sweepstakes.

Upon checking out the website, I noticed that many others from the casting process in Milwaukee were featured on the site, along with Jack and I again on the Perfecting the Pitch video.

Never in my life did I envision pursuing this Shark Tank audition process. I wanted to grow my business organically and word of mouth but after being there with the casting directors and crew - along with the spirit of entrepreneurs it has brought my focus to drive for more success. It was such a fun experience that our family business will remember.
Stay tuned for more Shark Tank updates as we continue to chat with casting directors for early 2015.
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