Thursday, December 19, 2013

A Cheers to Health

It's hard for me to write this post. I have had weight problems my entire life and it stems from low self esteem growing up. I was always the one taking the pictures to avoid being in them, faked my period for gym classes so I didn't have to swim and heard the gnash comments about being the "fat one"of the group.

If I had self esteem back then, I would have embraced my body and just grinned for the camera. I would have rocked a beautiful swimsuit and did a cannon ball. I would have stood up for myself instead of treat others unfairly creating a vicious cycle of low self esteem. But now I am a mom and I worry about the self esteem of my two little kids.

I want Jack and Bailey to embrace how they were made, make healthy choices for themselves instead of to please others and have the courage to go after everything they desire. Lead by example right? I wanted to feel my best, no longer be stressed having a short fuse and showcase that this mom can love her body.

After much soul searching - and diets, my friend Julie introduced me to an amazing organic nutritional cleanse through Isagenix. Skeptical; I waited two months, stalking posts about others that have had successes and failures with the products. I saw a community of support, celebrating bodies in all shapes and sizes but most of all, I saw a pattern of results and opted to invest my money in myself.

I started on the 30 day Cleanse on June 1st 2013. Let me alert you that I quit caffeine COLD TURKEY because caffeine is basically a toxin to your system, causing problems related to stress, metabolism, energy and more. The 30 day cleanse program is 26 days of "shake days" and 4 days of "cleansing days".

My daily "shake day" program consisted of taking a energy boost drink called Ionix Supreme that helps with cravings, a nutritional shake - basically super food for your body - 2x a day. A shake is a meal replacement but I ended up taking a shake in the morning and one for dessert with a light lunch and light dinner since I am always sitting down eating with the kids. My calories will kept in tact according to the chart that the program comes with and I followed that schedule relatively close.  The first two days for me were "shake days" to get my body used to the right amount of nutrients.

The 3rd day on the program is a "cleanse day". This day involves NO EATING WHATSOEVER. It allows for the cleanse drink to remove impurities in your body and give yourself a break from digestion. You get the right amount of nutrients in the cleanse drink and your body doesn't go into starvation mode. You just drink 4 cleanse drinks 4x a day, 1/2 your body weight in ounces of water and delicious green tea CHOCOLATES called IsaDelights. It was a day to get used to but waking up and checking out the scale that I dropped 6# was a major motivator for "cleanse day" #2.

The 4th day on the program is "cleanse day" #2. This day is built to boost your metabolism and start breaking down fat cells. It is recommended to get moving on this day so I made sure to do some retail therapy and mall walking. After day 2, i was down 11# already.

Over the course of this 30 day program, I lost a total of 16 lbs and 27". Your body literally melts because the cellular cleansing that is involved boosts your metabolism to properly break down fat cells. My hair, nails, skin, energy and mood were improved and all on NO CAFFEINE! I am not a scientist but all I know is that the only time I have ever lost weight is when I have the flu or am pregnant - and I certainly do not welcome either of those right now. Finally, a product that helped me feel better in all aspects of life and I was on the right track...

After a lull, I took time off of the products and added some emotional eating from very stressful family times into my daily routine and of course I gained some weight back. With the holidays here and nearly gone, I vowed to get a jump start on my program again, kick starting my New Years Resolution early.

I am back on my daily routine of Ionix Supreme in the AM, Shake for breakfast and a daily cleanse 2 oz bottle before bed, shedding pounds already. I feel like myself again. I am taking charge of my body and showing my kids what it is like to be in control, loving how I feel and look.

My cleanse coach Julie has been an amazing support and friend. She knows what it is like to not feel like yourself and need a boost and have been a great resource for me during this process. She also helped me learn the business side of Isagenix where you can pretty much get your products paid for by referrals. It's been a whirlwind of 6 months on and off these products but I am an ISA girl for life and can't go a day in the morning without my Ionix Supreme drink.

If you are interested in getting in touch with Julie and costing out a program that fits your lifestyle and health goals, please visit my Isa website for more info to get in touch!


  1. Kelly! Thank you so much for sharing this amazing story! Isa has been such a life changer for me too in so many ways! I am happier, healthier and more confident! Plus the extra income has allowed me to quit my job and be home with my boys! God Bless you on your continued journey!!

  2. PS You look Amazing!! And happier too! XO

  3. So proud of you Kelly!! Way to go - great job and keep it up! YOU are giving yourself the best gift of nutrition!