Sunday, December 15, 2013

Following a Passion

I found myself in this business by learning how to sew after being let go from my marketing job after having Jack. My hobby grew into a business because I had the passion behind it. I saw the reaction from my customers and how much their little ones loved our creations that I had to keep going. It was a calling. To me, it's more than just a blanket, it's creating comfort. The validation I receive knowing that something I make and sell helps soothe babies at night, during a hospital stay or transition into a crib/bed makes Baby Jack Blankets feel like we are right where we belong.

Recently I came across a YouTube video from a recent X Factor contestant Christopher Maloney. His powerful ballet of Bette Midler's The Rose earned a standing ovation but what made this story so unique and emotional was his journey to get to that stage. Like many others, we have a passion - a calling - for what we are meant to do in life. In order to pursue that work, you have to have instinct, follow your gut and just put yourself out there. It took Christopher Maloney years to put himself in front of others to hear his magical voice after many telling him not to and this video captures the raw emotion, talent and passion this man has for the love of singing.


No matter how big or small your idea or calling may be, follow it. Try it once. Fail. Try again. It's the stories behind the performance that makes it truly a passion and worthy for everyone to hear when the time comes.

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