Tuesday, December 3, 2013

A Baby Jack Must Have

I just purchased my very own #melon watch from Benbini Watches! Once I saw this watch while scoping out #ABCKids13 posts on Instagram, I knew immediately it was going to be a huge hit and that I wanted it. It is literally the only thing on my Christmas wish list this year and I just completed the purchase today to have in time for Christmas.

The Benbini watch is a #mominvented product made up because as we know with parenting, time flies. The double-bezel can be used for all stages in life: timing contractions, breastfeeding, time-outs, naps, and in my case: how many minutes I have before picking up #CEOJack from school! My dear friend Heidi and publicist is pregnant with her second baby, due in April so it's on my buy list for her as well.

Recently Baby Jack Blankets and Benbini Watches were showcased in Mommy Shorts 2013 Holiday Gift Guide and lucky for you, there's a coupon for you in her guide!


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