Thursday, December 19, 2013

10 Momventions Giveaway via Mommy Shorts

If you don't know about Mommy Shorts, go follow her blog immediately.  Her real & raw talent for comedic snark in everything parenting adds a lightness to the every day world of being a mom. Plus, her kids are adorable and her eye for fashion is spot on. Ilana is married to Mike and is a mom of two, Mazzy (4) and Harlow (1) and is the creative voice behind Mommy Shorts. She is also a freelancer for Huffington Post and this year debuted her own show on ulive called The Mommy Show

I am a forever fan. 

Being someone that is envious of anything New York City, I love everything about Ilana. She is kind, real, creative and a mom so I already feel this commonality with her; except I live in the 'burbs of Milwaukee in Wisconsin so I live my city life dreams through her Instagram photos and posts. I first took notice when #babymugging went viral. You know, when you are drinking coffee and you look out of the corner of your eye and your baby looks like it is jumping out of your mug...try it. You will laugh. 

When I first started following Mommy Shorts I saw that her daughter's name was Harlow. Oddly enough, a custom embroidered blanket sat beside me that day I had accidentally personalized with the name Harlow instead of Harper. (My niece's middle name is Harlow so I am sure she was on my mind!) Immediately I reached out to Ilana happy that this creation would have a home and sent it her way. What I didn't realize was the other opportunities that would arise for baby Jack blankets down the road like being seen on The Mommy Shorts episode with Rachel Dratch and being invited to their 2013 Holiday Gift Toy Guide. Every mistake leads to an opportunity and this was clearly showcased. 

Now, Ilana has excitedly agreed to work with some of our friends for a large giveaway! Being a mom inventor, I partnered with some other brands that are friends of Baby Jack Blankets and reached out to Mommy Shorts. Today Ilana has posted 10 of 20 of the Momventions and a mass giveaway for all of her audience in recognition of the great products we create with moms in mind. Visit her blog for a chance to win, Like her Facebook page, Follow her blog, Comment away and Pin via Pinterest. 

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